February 12th, 2013

♥ a kiss for luck and we're on our way

New, long McShep!

On a whim I was checking AO3 for McShep fics, and I found a fic I haven't see a notice for in any of the SGA related comms.

Wraithslayer (written for the dragonbigbang)
by paleogymnast
46,673 words

When the Ancients abandoned Atlantis, they did it with a plan. Return to Earth, develop a better intermediary between humans and Dragons and return to the Pegasus galaxy to finish off their mortal enemy, the Wraith. Only things didn't work out as planned. The Ancients returned to find Earth in the grip of the Goa'uld, a formidable and persuasive enemy hell-bent on destroying the new threat posed by the Ancients and their dragons.

Flash forward roughly 10,000 years. Dragons have been hunted persecuted to extinction on Earth. Everyone knows Dragons are evil and the natural enemy of humankind. But when during the Siege of Atlantis, John Sheppard runs through a tiny, forgotten lab while in pursuit of a Wraith, a long-forgotten machine starts glowing blue. Soon Dragons are popping up all over Atlantis. These Dragons just might be the key to winning the war against the Wraith and bringing peace and freedom to the Pegasus galaxy once and for all. But ten thousand years of Goa'uld-seeded hatred is standing in the way. Will the Dragons of Atlantis find the strength to risk everything to stop the Wraith? Or will thousands of years of prejudice destroy the Dragons before their plan takes flight?

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