January 24th, 2013

★ your mouth is like a grenade

I could show you my favorite obsession

I was inspired by a Stargate Confession over on tumblr. A few people reblogged the confession and added some "Rodney McKay deserved it" comments, which made me extremely angry (which caused a rant that I won't be linking to, unless you want to read it and/or discuss it), but basically boils down to: Jeannie Miller can be just as mean and has, in fact, done the same thing to Rodney.

Which leads me to: non-ranty Rodney & Jeannie meta that covers some of what I ranted about. You can read my original thoughts, plus my friend's response here. You can read the rest of our conversation here (since the first part was cut off).

All of this culminated in a fierce love for Rodney, which brings me to:

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