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23 July 2012 @ 03:33 am
Part two of The one about the blind owlet and his elk best friend is up :D A link at the top of the entry links back to the previous installment, if you missed it. For those who did, this fic is based in a 'verse where Rodney spent some time as an owl and has taken to bringing back stray owlets to Atlantis.
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23 July 2012 @ 10:09 pm
Thank you melagan, timespirit, and melodysparks for the virtual gifts

Thank you velocitygrass for the McShep art on tumblr

Thanks to thebiggest_lie, jamesie_boy, and ember_firedrake for the various presents, I love them all so much!

And of course, thanks to allofspace, silvarbelle, sgamadison, sparklyfanta, honeybearbee, prlrocks, kashmir1, and my various twitter and tumblr friends (whose LJ names I've forgotten or don't know) for their happy birthday wishes.

I was extremely surprised and pleased that Paul McGillion and Rachel Luttrell wished me a happy birthday, due to melodysparks' efforts:

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