June 1st, 2012

☂ by your side i'll make it

125 Things

Last post, just a few left over thoughts and a tidier explanation than the one provided in the first rec post:

☆ 125 Things started as an unofficial response to the 100 Things Challenge that quickly grew out of control.

★ 98% of the fics listed are Stargate: Atlantis. You will find McKay/Sheppard or gen. The M/S may come in preslash flavor. Non-SGA fandoms include: Supernatural, The Dresden Files, Inception, and Hawaii Five-0.

☆ These are in no particular order. The fics rec'd on Day Five are no more loved than those on Day twelve.

★ I will continue to rec once a week on a day to be determined. These posts will only have one or two recs, however.

☆ I'd like to thank everyone for their support and appreciation - it made me really happy to know others were enjoying the recs as much as I was.