January 31st, 2012

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Appreciation Post

Somehow I've been lucky in making fantastic friends on the internet. I wish I could do things for them, but I have no money and I'm not particularly talented in anything. But they deserve credit and hugs and every bit of my love for them, and so this is my appreciation post :)

+ thebiggest_lie sent me a gift card that helped my family out in a time of great need. I can't thank her enough for helping us out when we really needed it, especially as - at the time - her situation wasn't all that great either. Thank you, Lisa ♥♥

+ wolvinheart sent me some money through paypal yesterday. I had told her about our heater breaking and she sent the money to help me out. It helped cheer me up when I was worried and down, and the word "thanks" seems so inadequate. But thank you, Collette ♥♥

+ I received a package from ember_firedrake today. I knew she had sent me a letter, but I hadn't been expecting this. I'm not particularly eloquent, so the words to describe how I felt are kind of beyond my reach, but this was a wonderful, unexpected gift and I may admit to feeling the urge to cry. Thank you, Ashley ♥♥

I wish I could do something for all of you, even if it was only a hug (a real one). But I can't, so all I can do is say thank you, again. I'm so lucky to know all of you!
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