January 11th, 2012

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Day 06 of squidgiepdx's 7 Days of Fandom Squee

Oops, I fell behind again!

Day 06: List three fics that have changed your life in some way.

1. Intersections by kaneko - This fic changed my life. This was the first SGA fic I had ever read, even before watching an episode of the show. It was linked to me by the wonderful sapphirestar_ who also took the time to make me a reclist so I had someplace to start (the SGA fandom is so large). This fic was my introduction to this fandom, to the tv show and ship that would become my passion for going on 3 years (or so) now.

2. Unsuffer Me  by shaenie - This was sort of a threshold fic for me. This fic is kinky without going to extremes, and I remember reading this fic and finding it all unbelievably hot. This fic set me on the road to discovering kink!fic, which I had never had any interest in. It lead to xanthe's BDSM Universe series, which opened my world to all sorts of other kinks (some I like, some I don't).

3. Indelible by shaenie - I love this fic. When people ask for my favorite SGA fic, this is inevitably the one I name. I love the sexual tension, how it builds so slowly, and I love the author's OC and how she gave Lorne a large role in the fic. The plot is fantastic, the sexual tension is hot, and so is the relieving of that tension ;) It's long (yay!) and it was the first fic I downloaded when I got my Kindle. It changed my life, because it's now the standard against which I judge all of "Fandom Greats" (and some published books). Written by the Victors? Okay, but it's no Indelible. That Merlin fic Drastically Redefining Protocol? Good fic, great actually, but not as amazing as Indelible (IMO). I finished this fic, felt safisfied and in love and I remember thinking, "This is what all fic should aspire to be."

IDK I just love shaenie
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