January 9th, 2012

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Day 05 of squidgiepdx's 7 Days of Fandom Squee

Day 05: List three fics that make you cry, every time you read them.

This fandom is extremely good at evoking emotion in its readers :) Oddly enough, this was the easiest one so far. As always, in no particular order:

1. The Price That Life Exacts by cathalin - I wasn't sure I would even like this fic at first, since right off the bat we learn that John has had a kid with a Pegasus native. But oh, the emotions in this fic - I sympathized with Rodney so fucking much in this fic, felt his loss like it was my own, his pain at the idea of having a constant reminder of John around. The scene where Rodney watches John's tape of his last will and testament never fails to make me sob. Beautiful, heartbreaking, and so good.

2. Dearest Series by lavvyan - The first installment always makes me cry, especially the last paragraph. And even the sequel, Precious, makes me tear up at the end. It's a fascinating 'verse, and I always wish it was this long epic, but it's wonderful as it is. I'm really grateful she didn't keep it as a oneshot.

3. Where We Ought To Be by wojelah - I like Carson. I don't think he's Leading Man material, but I was fond of him as a supporting character, as a good friend. I'm aware that a large portion of the fandom thought he was creepy, but I though he was sweet. This fic is covers Carson's final journey home, accompanied by John and Rodney, after the events in Sunday. Carson's family was interesting, John and Rodney's interactions were wonderful, and I cried several times. Plus, I really like the scene where John and Rodney finally kiss ;)
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