January 8th, 2012

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Day 04 of squidgiepdx's 7 Days of Fandom Squee

Livejournal refused to post this correctly yesterday, so here I am trying to post it again:

Day 04: List three really long fics (minimum 25,000 words) that you really love.

I'm pretty sure this meme will be difficult forever!

1. Calling Down the Lightning by dreamwaffles (55498 words) - I love the fantasy genre. So SGA in combination with that is always a win to me. I can't think of a single thing I dislike about this fic :) John's reaction to Rodney's revelation makes sense within the context of the story, and I love Teyla and Ronon in this :D

2. Sheppard's Law by cesperanza (+ post-fic ficlet by bookshop) (34472 words) - It surprises me that I like this fic, since it contains John/Other (and I read fanfiction to read about John and Rodney getting together, not about them with other people. There are exceptions to my dislike of John/Other & Rodney/Other, however.) This is the story of John Sheppard growing into the man he is, with a little help from Rodney along the way ;) I loved John at all ages in this, and seeing Rodney through John's eyes at various ages is interesting :D

3. Checkmate 'Verse by beadattitude (50320 words) - It could be argued that this is a series rather than a single fic, but it could also be argued that this is a single fic, just broken up. I love cat!John, he makes a truly wonderful feline. This fic is one of my go-to happy!fics, despite some moments of angst. It's fun, it's cute, and it's long :D I love that John's cat adventures featuring other characters is explored, but that John stays with Rodney and initially trusts only him :)


I've talked about this fic on tumblr quite a bit, but I've never heard of anyone else reading it.

Event Horizon Books by daughtershade - This just barely made it over the word count minimum :D This was posted after the show was over, and as far as I know a link was never posted to mckay_sheppard. John runs a surf shop and Rodney owns a bookstore (with odd organization). John is sort of this mentor for local kids, and he draws a reluctant and grumpy Rodney into his world :D Featuring Rodney surfing, John being a BAMF, and oblivious!Rodney

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