January 6th, 2012

stargate glyphs

Day 03 of squidgiepdx's 7 Days of Fandom Squee

Day 03: List three short fics that you love (less than 1,500 words)

1. Rescue (gen) by tigs
But I have an unholy amount of love for this fic. Rodney is my favorite character, and part of that is I find his intelligence and sarcasm sexy. But in this fic, Rodney gets to be the hero through physical actions, and the author really has a handle on what his internal monologue could be like.

2.The Courtship of Dorkbirds (pre-slash) by aesc
This fic is told from Ronon's point of view. It's adorable and hilarious and really feels like it could be a scene from the show. John and Rodney's way of bickering and teasing at the same time is endearing - though I imagine if I had to deal with it for hours, I'd react like Teyla too.

3. Hindsight by kisahawklin
My enjoyment of this fic can mostly be summed up in three words: Rodney in glasses. I have a, er, thing for glasses. I just think Rodney would look good in them >__________> Cute fic, short and sweet :)

This was even more difficult than the last few. SGA fandom boasts a lot of long fic, but it has even more short fic, and how do you choose? I just went with the some of the first ones under my "favorites" tag on my delicious.