January 4th, 2012

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Announcing "Still in love...with John/Rodney", a McSheplets Fest

On January 9th, it will be three years since the last episode of Stargate Atlantis has aired in the US. While it was the end of new canon for the characters (except for Rodney's appearance on SGU), John, Rodney, and the others continue to live on in fandom.

"Still in love...with John/Rodney" is about showing that our love for their relationship is still going strong, just as their love for each other continues to be expressed in creations of all kind.

I'd like to invite you to celebrate what we love about the relationship between John and Rodney in March 2012. Writers and artists can sign-up for a day and I'll post special entries for all of us to share our favorite things about the couple.

I'm thinking of signing up; no promises, but it's either this fest or this McSheplet challenge.
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squidgiepdx's Seven Days of Fandom Squee meme

Found here.

Day 01: List your three favorite standalone SGA fics

This changes every other day or so, but off the top of my head:

1. Set Fire to Our Bed by someidiothasice - I don't like incest. I do, however, like forbidden relationships, and I've long wanted a fic where John and Rodney become step-brothers in their late teens. I had these elaborate ideas in my head - they hate each other, but have sex because it's convenient, and then feelings get in the way of their nice, logical, convenient relationship - but I hate my writing, so writing the fic myself would kind of ruin it. This? This delivers. John is so mean to Rodney when they're young, resulting in a mutual hateful relationship - or is it?

It's sorted of fueled my desire for more step-brother's fic though.

2. Immoveable / Irresistable by kageygirl - One fic, told from two points of view. Despite being pre-slash - no resolution, wat! - I have this unholy love for this fic (and most of Kageygirl's fics, now that I think about it). Rodney's point of view makes me feel kind of sad, that he has experienced so much disappointment that he just makes assumptions. John's portion makes me feel a lot better, and that last line always makes my stomach lurch with joy and anticipation. Rodney will never know what hit him :)

3. Just Might Be by ashinae & jay_linden - This fic makes me laugh. Poor confused, frustrated Rodney. What is going on with the people of Atlantis? And John is no help, of course. And it's not like John planned this, exactly, but he did kind of start it. Oops.

This was so hard. I went through only 2 pages of my delicious and already had loads and loads of options. So I just chose three and tried to find words about why I love them.
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