November 5th, 2011

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McShep tumblr, NaNo, babbling

Briefly posting to pimp out my McShep-everyday tumblr. 'Cause I can.

I'm participating in NaNo, and weirdly my desire to actually complete it hasn't diminished O.o Very odd for me.

Despite this, I've still fallen behind on my word count. ~Oops. As I'm sure you all are dying to know, I'm writing an HP/SGA fusion. When ember_firedrake and I first started talking about this, we talked about following them through the years. But that would be a fic much larger than 50,000 words, so I'm not sure quite what to do. Skip a year? Write the first year, where they become friends. Skip to third year when they get to choose their own classes and start seriously contemplating dating and all of that?

Perhaps I'll write every other year. IDK. Mostly I'm just doing this because it's fun, I'm not sure if I'm even going to post. i can't write, you see. i'm very bad at it.


Watching Castle with ember_firedrake - FUN SHOW IS FUN. And the UST is killing me.

I watched Band of Brothers and The Pacific with thebiggest_lie recently. SUCH GOOD SHOWS, UGH. So heartbreaking though. I have such a huge crush on Snafu and Speirs and Lipton. And Sledge is adoooorable <3 My bbs. We're going to watch Generation Kill soon. sd;kaj;a RAY. And BRAD and NATE. AND WALT. dak;fjsa; I cannot wait. I hope she likes, despite it not being WWII :P

Sloowly starting The Sentinel - I'm about half way through the first episode, lol. I keep pausing. I want to watch The Secret Circle, too - I loved the books. And I will forever ship Cassie/Nick, no matter how the show goes. THEY WERE MEANT TO BE IN THE BOOKS. Forget Adam :\ Slooooooowly working my way through Stargate SG-1. It hasn't grabbed me like SGA did. But I hear season 1 is the weakest.

I'm recovering from a cold :\\\ I hate being sick. It was difficult to get anything done.

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