July 18th, 2011

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Please help!

Americans: This is extremely important!!!

Please please please, if you haven't spoken up before, speak up for this one - it has the potential to have a lasting and powerful effect all those other LGBT people on your flists and in your lives. Congress is meeting to discuss DOMA, the federal act legalizing discrimination and denying us marriage rights at the FEDERAL level. Please please please go here, fill out the form (TELL YOUR LAWMAKERS) - it takes three minutes if you're a good typist - and PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Your voice matters. It matters so much. People who want to discriminate and hate are so vocal, and we need to let our representatives know that they are a minority!!! Hate needs to be a minority, and your voice is the tool to make that happen. Your signature. You can change people's lives, and you can make a real impact - a good impact - on this society.

Please go here, sign, tell your friends. So much good karma for you. All levity aside, this is important.


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