May 9th, 2011

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sga fic;; nature intended

for rock_mafia , who wanted chubby!John. I couldn't see him gaining weight while acting as CO of Atlantis, while being on an offworld team. Too much exercise and stress. So this is a future ficlet, where John and Rodney are living together -- married -- on Atlantis. As grumpy, sort-of old men.

title: nature intended
rating: pg-13
fandom: sga
word count: 835
summary: It bothered Rodney that it bothered John. Didn’t John know Rodney would love him no matter what?

If nature had intended our skeletons to be visible, it would have put them on the outside of our bodies. Elmer Rice

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stargate glyphs

sg-aaah ramblings

I was talking tocrazyweirdo17 over Skype today. I was telling her that I thought fandom!Teyla is sort of like the exasperated older sister who has to look after her crazy, out of control, kind of emotionally stupid, little brothers. And Weir is the equally exasperated mother, who has to scold John and Rodney when they pull pranks on each other and other (unsuspecting) people.

Granted, my view of Weir was definitely influenced by a fic I read, though I can't for the life of me remember the title or the author. I just remember that Kavanaugh's hair was dyed blue (or was it that his pony tail was cut off?) and Weir called the boys in to see if they knew what happened. John successfully lied about his and Rodney's knowledge of the events leading up to Kavanaugh's hair massacre.

It might be a different fic, but there's one where the author wrote about how it's not really "John Sheppard" and "Rodney McKay" anymore.  It was more "JOHNRODNEY", because that's what Weir yelled when a prank was pulled.

Ronon's the little brother John and Rodney are teaching to follow into their mischievous making footsteps. Carson is the long-suffering brother who has to deal with the aftermath, and Zelenka's their inside-man who occasionally helps out.

So. That's my Atlantis.

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