December 16th, 2010

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delicious is going down

I'm currently using diigo to import my bookmarks from delicious. It seems the best option out of this list by bookshop . I'm also going to check out Mister Wong, as mentioned in the previous link.

It seems as though there is no reliable bookmarking site that includes some of the preferred features of delicious, however. Diigo isn't perfect, and Pinboard requires payment (which I can't do, seeing as i have no credit card or any way to pay online besides gift card).

This page also gives some alternative website links, though there's some crossover in the sites mentioned.

So. I'm uploading to diigo and Mister Wong at the moment in an effort to save my bookmarks. I'll worry later about finding a website with a system for locating specific bookmarks later.

Sites I've used:
Diigo -- haven't heard anything from them about my bookmarks being completely imported.
Mister Wong -- refuses to let me sign in to delicious.
Evernote -- epic fail.
BlinkList -- Uploaded the bookmarks very quickly, but did not tag. Doesn't seem to have a "edit multiple entries" button either >.<

eta2: Diigo and Mister Wong have still yet to e-mail me saying my bookmarks have been uploaded. I used BlinkList and while it uploaded all of my delicious bookmarks, it forewent the tags.

So what I need is something that will upload the tags as well, or I'll have to go through and retag each link.
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