September 22nd, 2010

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30 Day Fic Meme - Day 03

I'm running in to a problem where I can't remember what my favorite fics are from previous fandoms :(

Day 03 - A long-standing favorite fic

03. Face Value by minnow
Stargate: Atlantis
Length: 18k

"Yes, I think one telepath per Atlantis is enough," Elizabeth said. One too many, she murmured internally.

"Indeed, since we haven't ruled out negative side effects," Carson said.

"Exactly," Rodney said. "We haven't ruled out the device's brain-exploding properties yet, so I think we'll all keep our hands clear, all right, Colonel? And speaking of brain-exploding possibilities, you all could stand to be a little more concerned, you know, and I would like my brain scanned now."


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