August 15th, 2010

stargate glyphs

the time has come, the walrus said

+ i went to see jeff dunham live last night at the casino. it was amazing! he was hilarious, and we got introduced to a new puppet he's still trying to figure out material for. it's the same dummy he had when he was in the new movie dinner for schmucks -- diane or something? dunno. i went with my friend sarah (sarah09irish ) and we had a drink before the concert.

+ i might not have any classes this semester because of financial aid problems. i've got it, but the school i applied for is taking forever to process the paperwork; they're still working on papers from june ;_; but this means a sort of extended summer vacation (which i will spend searching for a job).

+ been babysitting a lot lately. it's so boring and exhausting at the same time. i cannot wait for elementary schools to start up >.< i feel bad saying that, because it's not like the kids are monsters, but they're certainly a handful.

+ joe flanigan is now on twitter! it's been confirmed from several sources. xDDD

+ i heard the sherlock holmes tv show (3 episodes?) is absolutely epic, and i must watch as soon as i can find it online. i've been watching a lot of psych, which is hilarious and awesome and i think i might buy the first season.

+ i am going to see about making my own profile layout. wish me luck!
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