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17 December 2009 @ 08:57 pm
So I had heard of this mysterious video where Teh Flan says, "I love you Doctor McKay," at a convention, but it's not up at youtube. But then I discovered that unamaga  posted AUDIO CLIPS, SO NOW I HAVE IT ON MY IPOD. That's right, now I can listen to Joe say it in his scratchy, sexy voice on repeat. No, life does not get better than this. (Also, watching Hewlett's response where a fan tells him what Joe did and then ask him to say "I love you John Sheppard," is double hilarious. Teh Hewlett is obviously bewildered).

SGA Love Fest, which has wonderful pictures and squeeing about the big moments and the little moments that really make the show what it is. And, you know, the hot actors and how adorable they are.
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