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29 October 2009 @ 09:56 pm
Edited my profile today. It looks much prettier now! Essi has been influencing me; I'm always looking for pretty things now. ILU ESSI!

I've stalled on my fics. I have a handle on the plot, and I think I understand the characters and their motives, but DIALOGUE. I'll write a scene between Rodney and John and go, "How would they say that? Would they even say it?" and then I get frustrated and give up. Until I can overcome this problem, there will be no SGA fics from me. I'm thinking of seeking help, but from where? And how?

When will Zoro return to One Piece? I MISS HIM SO. Where is my marimo?

I have lost most of my interest in KHR, mostly because of the future!arc. It got boring a long time ago, and I stubbornly continued with the hope that it would get better -- it hasn't.

And xxxHolic isn't going so well either -- I want my Watanuki back! He's this weird crossbreed between his old self and Yuuko, and I can't say I'm fond of it so far. I miss all the flailing and yelling.

Watch this video -- it's full of lawls and win (and unrelated to fandom).
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