June 4th, 2009

stargate glyphs

Someone rec'd me? *shocked*

I'm on long enough to check my e-mail and save links to LJ posts that I want to take my time looking at once I get home. I got an interesting message from someone saying that one of my fics had been...something. Haha, here, I'll just copy and paste it:

Congratulations! You've been rec'd!

The Reader's Have Chosen is a new fanfiction recommendation community dedicated to finding the best of the best in fandoms across the boards, and sharing them with other authors and avid readers. Your story, Failure All Around, has been rec'd and is now being voted on in the Monthly Poll (Misc. Anime). Fellow fandom-aficionados will vote for their favorites of all the recommendations, and the stories with the most votes will be posted on the front page.

You can find our website at:
You can find the Misc. Anime Monthly Poll at:
Thank you for sharing your work with us!

So I'd like to say thanks to whoever it was that rec'd me, and if you have the time, please vote for me...if you want :)

(I had to read this twice before it sank in)