March 23rd, 2009

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I Command Thee!



"Zoro's Directions Only Make Sense If You're Special Like He Is" by peroxide_fic  (who does HILARIOUS fics, go read all her stuff now!)

What's really amazing about this is Zoro was actually able to write down where he went. Most times, Zoro doesn't even know how he got to where he is.

So, I wrote this post full of fics and other One Piece miscellaneous stuff that make me laugh hard (because sometimes I need a good laugh). I was going to post it and share -- and hopefully make others laugh. I tried avoiding fics with pairings in it, since I wanted to introduce some awesome One Piece Gen fics, too -- but then I got embarrassed at my nerdocity and didn't post.

Shall I post?

stargate glyphs

One Piece Hilarity

I know I just posted, but ends_of_time  and anyjen  were kind enough to convince me that yes, people do like to laugh XD

During midterm week, I was in desperate need of a laugh. I tracked down some of my favorite One Piece posts (because OP always manages to make me laugh), and after reading and laughing until my ribs hurt, I decided to share.

I suppose I should put a spoiler warning in here, but my F-list is all fans of One Piece (and I can't see those who don't know the series caring about this post), so there's no warning.

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