January 7th, 2009

stargate glyphs

Vital Regions are being occupied!

I ship countries now. Mainly America/England and Germany/Italy. OMG READ THIS!  FRANCE YOU PERVERT! WHAT IS THAT? And Russia's gifts (the condoms and the one-way ticket that America will be sure to sneeze on if he has a cold) AND ENGLAND'S HEARTBROKEN EXPRESION = LOVE!  daskfj;aksf

And Finland/Sweden is so adorable. I might have another pairing~

This all from Axis Powers Hetalia. It's HILARIOUS. There are so many characters (since there are so many countries), but I know the main ones by sight, though sometimes I get them mixed up. But I adore America, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Austria, and China. Each one has it's own unique, ah, quirks.

D.Gray Man is interesting. Though I can't help but have Luffy in the back of my head shouting, "SUGOI!" with sparkles and laughter when an Akuma shows an interesting power. One Piece haunts me. It obviously owns my soul. Allen's adorable though, and Kanda is...interesting. *Is not far in to the series*

I start school Monday, and three days a week I'll be at school until after 8 at night =.= Depending on the day (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs) I'll be showing up for classes at 10 in the morning or at noon. T_T Who wants to hang out at school that late?

I've heard some alarming rumors that LJ is going to shut down; apperantly people are backing their journals up just in case? THAT CANNOT HAPPEN. I'LL WITHER AWAY WITHOUT MY ELJAY.

*Wanders off to read more Hetalia*

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