September 24th, 2008

stargate glyphs

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and....stuff

IT'S COMING OUT FOR THE PS2. A;DKFA;ASD;KE OMG YAY. *Fangirls*  Official Website (not much is up yet, but the playstation 2 logo is clearly visible). THIS HAS MADE MY MONTH! I don't know how long ago this was announced, but I just found out today. So please excuse my capslocking.

Why is it that the only people I can attract are old men? No offense to old men, of course, but I'd like to date someone younger than 40 the exception being Johnny Depp. So to all weird men at the Secretary of State and pervy bus drivers everywhere: nooo, sorry.

My interest in Bleach is returning, which is sort of upsetting since I'm still heavily into One Piece and xxxHolic. =.= I already have enough to watch/read, I don't need more! I'm watching the One Piece anime and re-reading the xxxHolic manga (and Petshop of Horrors), but now Bleach is like, "WAAAATCH ME, THINK OF THE SEXINESS!" You will not sway me with your sweet words of temptation, you fiendish series! *Gives in*! 

I want to write fanfiction so bad, but I have a history paper and an english paper to write. I should really concentrate on those, rather than anything else.

♥ ♥ ♥ Congrats go to the wonderful sapphirestar_  for completeing her exam. I know you did well! *Is pyschic*

WAH, I post like three times a week. I shall make a promise to myself that I won't post again until I have something important to say or post because I never do what I should and plan on writing fanfiction this weekend