September 9th, 2008

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Yaoi has helped my grade

We have a history quiz every Tuesday over the chapter we were supposed to read for homework. Since I have about 3 1/2 hours in between classes on Tuesday, I always wait until then to read my History. So I'm in the library, reading away, and falling asleep while trying to take in the information about Greek polis and hoplites and whatnot. And then all of a sudden the book starts talking about homosexual liasons in the army and in society, and how it was accepted and regarded as having no impact on men's responsibility toward marriage and having children. Before I knew it, the chapter was over. I doubt any of that will be on the test, but it sure helped me finish the reading I was assigned to do! I'm now prepared for my weekly quiz and it was a pleasant way to become alert, yes it was.

So, I  can never say that "yaoi" has never done anything really useful for me. It helped me complete my homework and (hopefully) ace a quiz. :D

My Japanese class is so awesome, I'm loving it. Hiragana is difficult to remember -- I'm good with memorizing words and phrases - but I'm muddling my way through. XD The teacher will give us a weekly vocab list, and then we spend the rest of classtime playing games. Last time we played, "Go Fish", but we had to ask for cards (and say "Go Fish") in Japanese. Before class ended, my teacher gave a brief lecture on Ninja's -- while he lived in Japan (he taught English class there), he went to a building that used to be a place where real Ninja's lived way back when, and was turned into a meuseum. He showed us pictures of actual weapons they made that were found on site, and he was giddy like a little boy while talking about all the secret passageways, rooms, and panels the house had.

At the end of the semester, everyone is required to give a group presentation. My group decided on Japanese literature, with a special focus on manga and haiku. ^_^
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