November 13th, 2007

stargate glyphs

Hello! 1st Post & Explanation

I created this site mostly so I can keep track of the fanfiction I've read on here, and so I can be notified if an author I like updates (this site does do that, right?); I've been on this site before, and it gave me nothing but problems. I can't seem to figure out how to do anything on here, so this site will probably always remain fairly empty, except for fanfiction. Is there some way to keep track of the ones I like? Can I favorite it, or stick a link in a folder, or something? I'll have to play around and see.

Anyway, if I friend someone who is very picky about letting people do that, I'm sorry! Just let me know and I'll figure out how to unfriend people. 

Hmm...I like to write fanfiction, too, and I might end up posting some of my stuff here. I'm not sure how to do that either - do I post it as an entry, like I'm doing now? I suppose I'll have to just play around.

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