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I read this post on tumblr about this website called 4thewords.com. You basically play a game where the "battle" is writing - you fight a monster, say, that requires you to write 300 words in 45 minutes. If you manage that, you defeat the monster, who will drop items you can use for crafting, or money you can use to buy armor upgrades or whatever. There are quests - right now I'm working on winning my avatar a rainbow pride shirt. To do that, I have to defeat a 5 of a certain type of monster by July 15th.

Anyway, you get a 30 day free trial to see if you like it, and then you can pay $4 a month. So far I've written 3 days in a row, about 2k. After writing nothing for MONTHS, I'm super proud of myself. And you get prizes for maintaining your writing streak :D Of course, because of the timed challenges, I'm producing more quantity over quality. I talked with [personal profile] selenic76  and [personal profile] melagan  this morning and have realized just how much work my werewolf AU is going to be. My first draft is going to be utter shit, to be honest. I'm not used to writing longer, slow burn stuff, so there are going to be pacing issues, plot issues, etc. But I'm excited. It'll be quite the learning opportunity, and I do think my werewolf idea is a good one.

If you decide to join, my referral code is GEOJT30185.

My birthday is coming up - July 23rd. I turn 29. I'm already at the point where I have to do math to figure out how old I am, lolll. But at least I got my birthday off!

I've been struggling to figure out what to read lately, though not for lack of choice. I've been toying with the idea of rereading A Clear and Different Light, which I've only read once. Before that, I read The Pegasus Device, which is a McShep noir detective AU written in first person, and before that [personal profile] sgamadison's wonderful A Civil Contract.

I'm thinking of hosting another SGA Author Appreciation Week on tumblr, where you pick an author and recommend your top 5 fics by them. It was a decent success the last time I ran it, and I'd love to do something relatively easy, but also...IDK, bringing the community together, or something. A shared activity. I just have to pick a week, decide how soon in advance I want to announce it, etc.

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