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Workplace woes

I promised myself I'd post more often and wouldn't wait until I had things to complain about, but I have something big to complain about, lol. I'm going to talk about fandom after, if that helps.

Here in Michigan, you can return plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or glass bottles for 10 cents. We always get busier after holidays - like Memorial Day - because people party and drink and then want to return their shit. They insert the bottles into the machine, which sorts them by type, and drops them into these huge black bins. The company that provides the black bins keeps shorting us. We've been insanely busy this entire week - the bottle room has been going nonstop. Can you see where this is going?

That's right, we ran out of black bins.

This doesn't mean the bottle room shuts down, of course. No, instead, we have to pull the black bins out, shovel the bottles/cans into SHOPPING CARTS, and then slide the black bin back in so the customers can continue to return bottles. This is the result. What do you do with all those carts Popkin, you may ask. Let me tell you: tomorrow, when we get more black bins delivered, we have to lift those carts up and dump them into the giant bins. There are about 30 carts in that video. Tomorrow is also shaping up to be an absolutely shitty day. And my back already hurts.

In more cheerful fandom news, I have finished Liminal. It was wonderfully done, and I love how the author touches on all characters - Teyla, Elizabeth, and Ronon - though of course the focus is on John and Rodney. I've read that fic only once, long ago. I think I'm going to declare this year, "Reread all the stuff you've only read once" year. I'm still crazy in love with McShep, but I'm starting to crave new, long fic with all the tropes and stuff that I love LOL. Most of the fic that I haven't read yet have a reason for it, though there are a couple I'm not sure why I haven't read yet...

I've stopped making random forays into odd fandoms, but I haven't been reading much fic lately. I'm doing a beta read, and a couple weeks ago I started the latest Murderbot book which I'd really love to finish. Once I'm all caught up there, I think I might reread the Two Body Problem series. It's one of my absolute favorite fics posted in recent years, and though the series doesn't end with everything completely resolved, the author published an earlier version of the fic for McShep_Match, which DOES have a happy ending.

What is everyone reading?

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