popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

I went to the vet today to get my dog her food. She has a digestive condition, so we have prescription dog food for her. I was told I can't buy anymore dog food until she gets her yearly checkup done (to renew the prescription), and it's going to cost $125.

Haaaa, I so do not have $125. Rent alone is going to be $320 out of my $500 check.

My mom's been hospitalized twice the past couple months. She has COPD and kept having flare ups. They sent her home with oxygen tanks this time, and she's been fine so far.

Work is incredibly stressful. It's the holiday season and they never schedule me any help. But things die WAY down in January, so I just have to get there. Of course, I've got to work 6 days in a row before I get there, but I'm soooo close. SOON.

All the McShep fic being posted for sga_santa is making me sooo happy :D

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