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Kanaan and Rodney are gonna be friends

For a long time - 5 years or so - I’ve wanted to write a fic where Rodney adopts a Pegasus kid who is mute. Rodney’s mother was deaf so he’s fluent in sign language, and he teaches it to the child. I was worried about inadvertently ignoring the kid’s culture or somehow doing something wrong (like making Rodney into a White Savior, or something), so I’ve put it off.

Then, today. I was thinking about Kanaan, and how we never see much of him. What even is his role among the Athosians? He didn’t strike me as a hunter. Does he know how to stick fight? I had this image of Rodney dismissively thinking he was probably a farmer or some such.

And then I thought: what if Rodney goes to Teyla for advice about how to adopt this kid without stepping on anyone’s toes, except she’s not home - and Kanaan is. So Rodney reluctantly agrees to wait for her, and Kanaan politely asks what Rodney is seeking Teyla for. Kanaan points out that if he teaches this child sign language, he should probably teach others too, so the kid can talk to others beside Rodney.

Later, Rodney realizes - Kanaan isn’t a farmer, he’s a teacher. He teaches the kids to read, write, and count (other people handle teaching them tracking/survival skills).

Rodney goes back to Teyla’s quarters, and she looks so surprised and pleased when Rodney says he’s there to talk to Kanaan (about how to set up lessons and effective teaching methods, etc.)

And then Rodney holds a class (with Kanaan as his patient, amused assistant).

There’s McShep shenanigans! John's very intent on learning, and then they fall into a co-parenting thing.

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