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Don't worry, I still really ship McShep :D A friend of mine was going to start a rewatch of The Flash and invited me to join. I'm easily persuaded when it comes to ships - if you get to me first and talk your ship up, I will totally start to ship it too (and then nothing can make me stop).

Harrisco is Harrison Wells (Earth-2)/Cisco Ramon. It's not a popular ship - there are a total of 187 fics. But I ship it PASSIONATELY. Cisco doesn’t trust Harry at first (because ~reasons) and Harry is there to Get Stuff Done, Not Make Friends. Also, Harry is a dick. I love him, but that's how it is. So at first there’s a lot of sarcastic jabs and tension BUT they often wander off to Do Science together (sadly not a euphemism). Slowly the tension eases, and soon Cisco is making movie/tv show references that Harry gets (and quotes back), they finish each other’s sentences, and are often on the same wavelength. Cisco doesn't put up with Harry's shit, and they do this thing where they toss items the other person needs without needing to ask.

So by the time you get to this adorableness in gifs, it is even more satisfying because you got to see them grow into it.

BUUUUUT it does take until season 2. Season 1 is amazing in terms of plot and stuff, but season 2 is where the shippyness happens

I want to gush about them, but to give you an idea I want to link to some gifs. So you can see what I see~

Cisco wants to ride that into the sunset
+ They are such little shits+ Cisco's faaace and Harry moving closer

Okay that's all I have for now, but I plan on making a ton more gifs, so you'll probably see more of them in the future. Or not, because I put my stuff behind a cut and you can ignore as you want :)
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