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As I mentioned in my last post, tumblr loves to speculate on how terrifying and weird humans would be to aliens. We come from a deathworld, where you can die in a countless number of different ways; we're like space orcs, hard to kill and monstrous; we dye our hair and tattoo ourselves and purposely poison ourselves for fun (alcohol); etc.

I love that kind of thing - taking normal human behavior and looking at it through the lenses of a species that finds it new.

Along that line, I just discovered that The Kevin Jenkins Experience - and it's related Humans Don't Make Good Pets - is actually part of a REALLY HUGE universe, called The Jenkinsverse.

As described on the series page:

"The thing about evolving on a death world is that you don't really realise you're doing so until you get the chance to leave it. Up to that point the presence of carnivorous monsters, venomous micropredators, extreme climatic conditions, geological instability, the most lethal cocktail of microbial and viral life forms in the galaxy and of course the crushing gravity, seemed entirely natural. Until we left Earth we thought ourselves rather weak, frail, defenseless creatures because we only had earth fauna to compare ourselves to. You can imagine our surprise then, upon joining the galactic community to find ourselves in fact to be enormous, robust and insanely dangerous in our own right." - Anonymous.

Another description:

The Galaxy is a big place, and life will get started practically anywhere. But sapient life requires stability, peace, and an ecosystem that's generally conducive to allowing a species to get away with devoting lots of calories to all that spare brainpower, and sitting around thinking about things. On the nastier kinds of world, life is too hectic, too dangerous and too unforgiving for any animal to become sapient.
Or so the galactic community used to believe, before the discovery of Homo Sapiens.
It turns out that the conventional wisdom was wrong, it's just that the native sophonts of a deathworld treat their intellect in much the same way as a vicious predator might treat its claws - as a weapon, and as a survival tool. Humanity has spent thousands of generations eking out a living on a planet where simply surviving from day to day is a serious challenge, and have come to view themselves as the plucky underdogs, struggling to slay dragons and conquer impossible odds. Human stories are full of insurmountable challenges and the heroes who rise to meet them.
As far as the rest of the galaxy is concerned, however, humans are lightning-fast killing machines that are effectively impervious to all but the most powerful weaponry. In the Jenkinsverse, humans aren't just the aliens - we're the alien monsters.
And it's only a matter of time before we leave Earth...

I'll probably end up compiling it into a word document so I can read it offline, too. Even though that's going to be A LOT of work.

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