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2016: A Review

My New Year's Resolution is two-fold, the first of which - be more positive - is new. It's going to be a difficult one, since my family is always running into financial woes. The second is the same as last year: write more than the previous year. I signed up formini_wrimoin November and it really helped keep me writing. I'm thinking of making a sticky-post to keep track of my daily word count - I'll comment each day with how much I wrote. It won't always be more than 0, but hopefully I won't go days without writing.

One positive of 2016 is my success at writing more. In 2015 I wrote 6,721 words total for the year. In 2016 I wrote 45,397. I'm really proud of myself for that, even if I know some people who could write that in one story alone, lol. Hopefully I'll fill my goal of writing even more than 45k! I have tons of ideas, it's just the hard part: actually writing them.

My 2016 Fics

+ Experienced, 1907 words.
Danny's a bit lost while Owen is charting the island.

+ Making A Choice, 6679 words. Written for Tarlan and part of the romancingmcshep challenge.
The time has come for the King to marry.

+ More Than You Know, 3616 words. Co-written with darkmoore.
There seem to be a few misconceptions between John and Rodney. And jealousy. Oh, and pining. Lots and lots of pining.

+ Changes, 3123 words. Co-written with darkmoore.
John knows something has to change to make Weres more accepted on Atlantis. He has a feeling there are more than just a few who share his secret.

+ Division 52, 18644 words. Written as part of the Conspiracy Challenge and a Men in Black crossover.
John never expected aliens.

+ Refresh My Memory, 1906 words. Co-written with darkmoore.
John, Rodney and the day after a drunken night of sex...

+ Gifts Worth Giving, 1138 words. Written for selenic76.
Wooing, Rodney McKay style.

+ Riding A Desk, 2170 words. Pure porn.
This was Rodney's favorite kind of meeting.

+ Take Me To The Wild, 6214 words. Written for fandom_stocking and hasn't been revealed yet. I'll make a post when it's finally open for reading.

Right out the gate of 2017, I have at least 2 fics to be written and Romancing McShep to start thinking about. Hopefully it's a sign of how the year will go :)
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