popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

My conspiracy fic is moving right along :) It's sitting at 12k in total right now and I'm not done yet (though I'm definitely past the halfway point), but I've signed up for mini_wrimo, which I am hoping will motivate me to make steady progress :D Once this fic is done, I think I know what I'm going to work on next, but we'll see where my muses take me.

Tomorrow is going to be hell at work; it's the first of the month, which is always our busiest time. It's also a Tuesday, which means there will not be many people scheduled to work in my department. I anticipate lots of stress about falling behind on my duties, about having to cover a different department for an hour (which takes me away from my duties and puts me further behind). But I have Wednesday off from work (though I have class, in which there is an exam). At the moment however, I'm calm and not all stressing about the next two days. It's a nice feeling :)

I've been rereading some old favorites - The Spaces Between by taste_is_sweet, Event Horizon Books by daughtershade, and The Sweetheart Murder by melagan - and trying to finish up the last few episodes of Twin Peaks so I can watch Stranger Things. Aaand...that's about it for me! I hope everyone is doing well :D
Tags: blah, fic rec
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