popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

Flight Nerves

We're getting so close, and I am so excited, but mixed in with that is a ton of anxiety. It's not the actual flying part I'm afraid of - being on the plane is actually the most relaxing part for me. It's getting through security, finding my gate - and I'm extra nervous this time because I'm bringing my laptop. I keep having visions of being told it can't go with me and being unable to figure out what to do lol. I have been rereading the comments on my previous post and it calms me down some, but as soon as I click away from the post my anxiety spikes. I think what I'll do is ask if my ride can stick around until I'm through security - that way, if they DO say that my laptop can't go for some inexplicable reason, I can hand it off and know it'll get safely home. I'm less worried about leaving my laptop behind while down there; I always obsessively check that I have everything, and my laptop is so important to me that I'll definitely check that I have all necessary components.

I also worry about missing my flight - this will be a big worry when flying back, because if I miss my flight while down South, it's not like I can just call my parents to drive and pick me up. It's one reason why I'm so grateful for long layovers - I can plop my butt down with plenty of time to spare and just distract myself.

Typing this all out has actually calmed me down immensely :)
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