popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

A Terrible Week

Monday, we discovered a leak in our bathroom. This is incredibly annoying, but we actually have the money to make repairs and buy some of things we need to begin repairs.
Thursday, our car engine blew up. I had to spend some, if not most, of the money I'd been saving for Squee Weekend to buy a SUPER CHEAP car - about $500 - as a replacement. I also got only 4.5 hours of sleep before heading into work and was understandably crabby all day, lol.
Friday night, my beloved bookcase fell apart. Luckily I had taken all of my stuff off it so I could move it to another location in my room, but it was kind of the last thing I needed. I fell asleep fighting tears. I'm also way behind on my Conspiracy Challenge, in part because I haven't felt like writing.

But on a more positive note, I did absolutely nothing today. I pretty much napped all day and just lazed around, and I really needed the relaxation. Also nothing terrible has happened, so hopefully the Week of Things Breaking is over. I think my motivation to write has returned and I plan to get some writing done! I have a pretty bare outline for my fic and I'm hoping I get inspiration to flesh it out some - especially John and Rodney's relationship, but so far no ideas have come to me. It's very weird to have the plot-y bits all figured out (usually my weakness) and have the romantic bits not. My work is usually 95% McShep fluff, lets be real.

Squee Weekend approaches and I'm getting excited and nervous. I want to bring my laptop this time but it's my baby, so I have questions. I usually bring only a small duffel bag that I bring as a carry-on. It fits in the overhead compartment and allows plenty of ro om for other people to store their things (at least, I've never had a problem in regards to room for myself or others). Can I just put my laptop in my carry-on duffel? I don't see why I couldn't, but I keep having these images of being told I can't and then having no way to a). safely bring my laptop on board without checking my luggage, which I've never done before (mostly because I'm poor and never had a spare $25 for it, though I do this time) or b). have a way to get it home.

Last night I read this great gen fic. "When John is severely injured by an unusual weapon, it may be that only a family member can save his life. And that means David Sheppard must come to Atlantis..."

I love outside POV fics AND stuff where people first learn about the SGC and all it entails, so it was great getting to read Dave's reaction to everything. I confess most of the gen fic I read tends to focus on John and Rodney, since they're my two favorite characters (and also because I can fool myself into thinking it's preslash) but this wasn't like that at all. It was very much team!fic with John at the center. I think you guys would love it :)
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