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McShep Trope List!

hiswasburgundy asked me over on tumblr for some trope-y McShep fic. Rather than rec'ing a few and moving on, I decided to recommend fic for every category listed on fanlore. Not every category was filled and some only have one or two fics. I tried not to repeat any fics, though some fit into more than one category.

This list is by no means comprehensive. Feel free to leave a comment with fics if you want to add to a category :)


+ I do have an Aliens Made Them Do It tag

Sharing A Bed
+ The Trouble With Endothermia by crysothemis
+ Accidentally in Love by shetiger
+ Life After by velocitygrass
+ Warm to the Touch by thegrrrl2002

Fake Relationship
+ Catch-19 by chelle
+ Something Borrowed by Brumeier
+ Pretending by velocitygrass
+ The Convenient Husband [Part 1/Part 2] by brighid
+ No Refunds or Exchanges by astolat
+ Rules of Engagement by velocitygrass
+ However Improbable by Zoe Rayne
+ How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by causeway
+ Circle Yes or No by chelle
+ I Pinky Swear by sheafrotherdon
+ In Harmony by respoftw

Sex Pollen
+ Pollination by Claire
+ Cross-Pollination by lenore
+ A Little Less Conversation by 1ightning
+ Big Damn Poppies, sir by linaerys
+ Ephemeral by Purna
+ The Birds Are The Bees by mizufae
+ Pollenized by brumeier, suggested by brumeier

Now from the list on Fanlore:

Animal Transformation
+ Bat by esteefee
+ Little Bear by kellifer_k
+ Turn Into Something Beautiful by blackchaps
+ Rodney McKay, Orca Friend by kay_greatness
+ Only Temporary by mific
+ Involuntary Dog by bergann
+ The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars And So On by cesperanza
+ What’s Yours Is Mine by ladycat
+ Two-color Dog Happiness by some_stars
+ Scratching Calculations In the Dirt by giddygeek
+ Checkmate Verse by beadattitude
+ Mating Rituals by Karen McFadyyon
+ Basement cat has infiltrated heaven by kisahawklin
+ Twenty-Four Hours With A Rodneysaur by moonloon/art by spaggel, suggested by entropy_house
+ The Trouble With Cephalopods by kellifer, suggested by entropy_house
+ Dragon Spin by night spring, suggested by entropy_house

Body Sharing
+ Double Occupancy by Isis
+ Neighboring Solitudes by chelle

Body Swap
+ Intrusion by crysothemis
+ four boots, five thousand two hundred and eighty feet by pares
+ Bait and Switch by Madison

+ Human Enough by taste_is_sweet

+ Your Delicate Seams by Unamaga & Kashmir1
+ Sixteen Going On Forty by solarcat
+ Contrary Motion by kisahawklin
+ What Happens In The Clubhouse by skoosiepants
+ The Knights of the Pegasus Galaxy vs The Chicken Pox by devildoll
+ 17.5: A Love Story by Helenish

Elf AU
+ Until The Stars Are All Alight by reccea

+ A link to my alternate.sex tag
+ A link to my girl!Rodney masterlist
+ So Fucked Up It Came Out Right by shusu
+ Story of A Girl by seperis
+ Should’ve Been My Girlfriend by crysothemis
+ One Piece At A Time by Argosy

+ Ghost Writer by lavvyan
+ Able To Fly by busaikko
+ Heaven Is A Place on Earth by moodymuse19
+ Save Me by brumeier, suggested by brumeier

Magic AU
+ Link to my fantasyau tag
+ Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology by Quasar
+ No Myth by skoosiepants
+ A Clear and Different Light by naye & sholio
+ Calling Down The Lightning by dreamwaffles
+ The Other Side by Alteran_Tech
+ McKay’s Quality Brooms & Sundry Oddments (est. 1842) by busaikko
+ The Mark of the Dragon by flitterflutterfly
+ The Return of the Dragons by mithreon (warning: rape)

+ Falling Slowly by melonbutterfly
+ Sheppard of the Sea by bluejbird
+ Hidden Depths by lamardeuse
+ Through the Noise to the Sea by sardonicsmiley
+ What Is Idle Babble For? by omg_wtf_yeah
+ Turn The Tide by brumeier
+ Into Something Rich and Strange by HYPERfocused

+ Scruffy AI by taste_is_sweet
+ Stargazing by Lavvyan
+ The Difference Engine by copperbadge
+ His Own Man by velocitygrass

+ Upir by Zoe Rayne
+ It’s What You Don’t See by telesilla
+ It’s What You Hear by argosy
+ Accidental Vampire by omg_wtf_yeah
+ Yet You Are More Than Traps Or Nets (The Longer and Uncut Remix) by lilyayl
+ You’re All I Ever Wanted (But I’m Terrified of You) by sabinelgrande
+ I’ll See It Through (The Texas Two-Step Remix) by Dee_Laundry
+ Dracula Never Had To Deal With This Shit by outsideth3box
+ Bloodlust by chaps1870
+ Sensual Magic by melagan
+ Vampire Love by cypher
+ Paint The Sky With Stars by nagi_schwarz, suggested by brumeier

+ My SGA Werewolf Masterlist

+ And You Loathe The Ground by sardonicsmiley (note warning)
+ When Moored To The Sky by kariye
+ Broken Wings by Tarlan
+ Archangel by czarinakathryn
+ Flying Blind (or possibly stupid) by yin_again
+ Self-Made Man by enigmaticblues
+ Who Could Claim The Sky by lavvyan
+ The Air That Angels Breathe by Keira Marcos (must be logged in to read)
+ Heaven Sent by brumeier, suggested by brumeier

+ Down The Rabbit Hole by Archet
+ A Good Day For An Apocalypse by esteefee
+ Zombie Fever (How Rodney’s Bomb Saved Atlantis) by wolfelements
+ Galaxy of the Living Dead by Karen McFadyyon
+ Final Order by velocitygrass

+ Revelations by scorchedAngel
+ Imposter by hyx_sydin
+ Strange Changes by tarlan
+ Bring A Towel by verity
+ Crypsis by zoemathemata
+ Building Neutron Stars by itar94

Barista/Coffee Shop/Bakery/Shop AU
+ Foster’s Bakery by cesare
+ Fair Trade by esteefee
+ Event Horizon Books by daughtershade
+ A Supermarket in California by taffetablue
+ Out of the Frying Pan by kisahawklin
+ The Perfect Cappuccino by Rachel Sabotini
+ Five Times Rodney Ran out of Coffee by dogeared, suggested by entropy_house
+ Help Wanted by Suz, suggested by entropy_house
+ Northside Social by esteefee, suggested by entropy_house

+ BDSM Universe by Xanthe
+ High School Confidential by elayna
+ Long Long Road by telesilla & padawanhilary
+ The Devil You Know by telesilla
+ Ties That Bind by Keira Marcos (must be logged in to view)
+ Nice Place To Visit by sabinelgrande
+ Life Less Ordinary by puddleofgoo
+ I Only Want Your Trust by telesilla
+ A Learning Experience by telesilla
+ All I Ever Wanted by telesilla
+ Collar Bound by Kitchyy

+ Blink by Lavvyan
+ Memento Mori by neevebrody
+ Synthesis by thingswithwings
+ Cool Hand Luke by fiercelydreamed

Highschool/College AU
+ My schoolau tag
+ Class of 2005 by coreopsis
+ Quantum Entanglements & Index Cards by Reddwarfer
+ The Call by mistokitt
+ Open Your Eyes by thedeadparrot
+ I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly by mirable-dictu
+ One Crazy Weekend by skoosiepants
+ Bottoms Up by brumeier, suggested by brumeier

Noir Detective AU
+ The Face That Nobody Knows by aesc
+ The Little Sister by Martha
+ Cheyenne Noir by shippenstand
+ The Pegasus Device by liketheriverrun

Prison AU [I can think of no Prison AU’s, but here are some fic that focus on being imprisoned]
+ Forget Me Not by maisierita
+ The Comfort of Strangers by rhymer23
+ Visiting Hours by lilysaid
+ Wing and a Prayer by sgamadison & the_cephalopod
+ Crimes Against Humanity by seperis, suggested by entropy_house

Regency AU
+ My historicau tag
+ A Dangerous Desire, or McKay Makes A Match by janne-d
+ A Regency SGA Tale by graceandfire
+ Time and Tide ~ a love story with interruptions for murder by bluespirit
+ Marrying The Marquis by zoemathemata
+ Lord John’s Aerial Affair by melagan
+ A Civil Contract by sgamadison
+ The Very Devil of a Plan by mific
+ Old England by velocitygrass

Royalty AU
+ Soraya Didn’t Have To Deal With This by melonbutterly
+ Making A Choice by popkin16
+ Torchlight by scatterglory
+ Ruler and Concubine by madd4the24

Pirates AU
+ The Last Hail Mary You’ll Ever Need by chase_acow
+ Passion du Corsair by Miss Pamela
+ A Pirate’s Life by PaleoM
+ The Privateer by Sandy
+ Winds of Change by Mystic (sequel to Sandy’s fic)
+ The Pirate’s Prisoner by rhymer23 [gen]
+ Gypsies, Pirates, and Thieves by auburn

Pornstar AU
+ Tales of a Sordid Past by clockstopper
+ Gay Porn For Girls, an LJ community for fics where John & Rodney are pornstars
+ Action! by Ulthyrja, suggested by entropy_house

Hooker AU
+ King of Wishful Thinking by margarks
+ The Spaces Inside by lavvyan (bdsm)
+ House Call by lenore
+ The Wedding Date by elayna
+ Unexpected Consequences by goddess47
+ The Hotline by laytoncolt (John works for a phone sex hotline)
+ Sorry, Wrong Number by omg_wtf_yeah (another phone sex hotline)

Spy/Secret Agent/Assassin/Hitman
+ Arizona by seperis
+ High Stakes by lavvyan
+ Michael Secret Agent series by liketheriver
+ Honor and Country by blueflamingo
+ Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by ras_elased (thief!John)

Slavery AU
+ Operant Conditioning by yin_again
+ Advantage by Resonant
+ Term of Service by resonant
+ The Sweep of Easy Wind by blackchaps
+ Not What It Seems by blackchaps
+ Morituri te Salutant by ras_elased
+ The Bribe by fenchurch1
+ An Unexpected Airship Pilot by Issaro
+ The Blade & Aegis by kellifer_fic

Western AU
+ The Road To Nowhere by le-mot-mo
+ Abilene by nilahasi
+ Home On The Range by ami_ven
+ Hero of the Prairie by Neery
+ Blue Colorado Skies by x-parrot [gen]
+ Cervantes Ranch by squidgy & elderwitty (modern AU but so worth it)

+ The Axis of Pythia by packyrsuitcases
+ Out of the Blue by taste_is_sweet
+ The Bitch-Slapping Tao of Rodney by sheafrotherdon & siriaeve
+ Sheppard’s Pie by auburn
+ Ascending Order by argosy

+ Tabled by punk
+ The Epic Tale of John and Rodney, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love by bitter_crimson
+ The Eternally Unnamed by lavvyan
+ Stuck On You by darsynia
+ But Where Would They Live by thingswithwings
+ Clips and Clamps by kisahawklin
+ The Road Ahead by esteefee
+ The Future Mrs Mckaytoe Head by miscellanny

Apocafic/Earth is Lost
+ The Hard Prayer by rheanna
+ Wolves of the Apocalypse by issaro
+ If All Else Fails by enigmaticblues
+ Two Years After Tomorrow by lavvyan
+ Charming Demeter’s Daughter by sharkie335
+ Square Peg, Round Hole by sharkie335
+ Slouching Toward Bethlehem by MrsHamill
+ And All We Have by seekergeek

Domesticity [Marriage/Kid!fic, Curtainfic]
+ John and Rodney Do Curtainfic by thingswithwings (kink)
+ my marriage tag
+ Wedding Night by dvs
+ Oasis by blueraccoon
+ Kiss The Groom by rheanna
+ Trophy Husband by iibnf
+ my kidfic tag
+ Other Plans by bomberqueen17
+ Peanut Butter and Chocolate by elayna
+ Baby Daddy by velocitygrass
+ Two Men and a Baby by tex & lamardeuse
+ A Farm in Iowa by sheafrotherdon
+ Bella ‘Verse by bead
+ Finding The Fine Print by giddygeek
+ How Not To Fly by toomuchplor
+ That McShep Boy by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ Audrey the Wraith by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ The Oppenheimer Effect by nagi_schwarz, suggested by brumeier

+ My sentinel tag
+ My crossover/fusion tag
+ Summer House by pru [Eureka]
+ What Happens in Vegas by SavingFaith [Supernatural]
+ A New History by sheafrotherdon [Temeraire]
+ Unconventional Heroism by sardonicsmiley [Iron Man]
+ Code of Honor by reddwarfer [Star Wars]
+ Sweater ‘Verse + snippet by chandri [Murder She Wrote]
+ If I Were To Go Back To College by auburn [Inception]
+ Where Did All The Physics Go? by amireal [Star Trek: TOS]
+ The Tangler and the Hunter by elayna [Jayne Castle’s Harmony Series]
+ Embrace the Storm by brumeier [Twister]
+ High School Heroes by sardonicsmiley [Sky High]
+ I Don’t Do Floors (The Rest is Negotiable) by danceswithgary [The Librarian: Quest For The Spear]
+ It's Not Paranoia (Unless They're Out To Get You) by brumeier, suggested by brumeier [Conspiracy Theory]
+ Within You by brumeier, suggested by brumeier [Labyrinth]
+ Thank You, Bucky Barnes by brumeier, suggested by brumeier [MCU]
+ RD-NE by danceswithgary, suggested by entropy_house [Wall-E]
+ The Dark Side by astolat, suggested by entropy_house [Star Wars]

+ harlequin-sga LJ
+ 101 Ways To Get Lucky In Love by lenore
+ The Spare by rachel sabotini
+ Safe Surrender by zoemathemata
+ An Affair To Remember by tiranog (is actually complete)
+ For Better or For Worse bycrownglass39
+ A Hundred Happy Things by busaikko
+ Small Primes and Square Roots by liviapenn
+ Romance Not Included by danceswithgary

+ A Boyfriend for Christmas by lenore
+ The Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come by sgamadison
+ Tidings of Comfort and Joy by tiranog
+ A Mr. Toe Christmas by chelle, thegrrrl2002
+ Wish List by velocitygrass
+ Mountain Magic by brumeier
+ Wonderful Life by icantfollow
+ To Drive Away The Winter Cold by tiranog
+ All Hallow’s…Something by sajinn
+ Christmas Angel by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ One Christmas Night by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ Promises Kept by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ Jingle Wings by f0rcryin0utl0ud, suggested by entropy_house (must be logged in to view)
+ A Merry McShep Christmas by Suki Blue, suggested by entropy_house

+ Pegasus Purgatorio by MrsHamill
+ But Never The Nights by lavvyan
+ It’s Growing Day by Day by telesilla
+ Thousandmother by springwoof
+ Inukshuk by murron
+ Depth Perception by thegrrrl2002
+ Existence As Interesting As Possible by waxjism
+ Going Down by brumeier
+ An Unreliable Narrative by mific

+ Against All Odds by ca_pierson, darkmoore (must be logged in to view)
+ Compatibility of Souls by ami_ven

+ The Light Fantastic by outsideth3box
+ Thought Control by telesilla
+ Read My Mind by thingswithwings

Time Travel/Time Loops
+ Do I Dare Distrub The Universe by vaguely_concerned
+ Iteration by mistokitt
+ Quarks, Quantum Chromodynamics and Other Unproven Theories by amireal
+ Chronologic by purna
+ Perchance to Dream by sgamadison
+ Day Break by giddygeek
+ Sheppard’s Law + comment!fic by speranza

+ Happy by crysothemis
+ Adrift by Cypher
+ Dumbstruck by sgamadison & the_cephalopod
+ His Way Through the Constellation by torakowalski
+ Unidentified by fiercelydreamed
+ The Gamers of Ardann by lenore
+ It’s A Small World After All by pir8fancier
+ Secretly by moodymuse19

+ Naked Under These Clothes + The Finest Clothes Beneath by janne-d
+ Unstitch by Punk
+ The Sweetheart Murder by melagan
+ Skinverse by toft
+ All Dressed Up And… by Icarus
+ Killer Queen by telesilla
+ The Clothes That Make by lavvyan
+ A Shoulder To Cry On by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ Crossdressing tag @ Crossroads

Didn’t Know They Were Dating
+ Oblivious by astolat
+ Marginally Obtuse by pocky_slash
+ Go Out Swinging by giddygeek
+ If I Knew You Were Coming by kass
+ Do You Know What I Know? by devildoll

Disability Fic
+ Fading Skies by Diamond Raven
+ Affaire du Coeur by tzigane & zaganthi
+ Rebuilding Babel by fiercelydreamed
+ The Whole Equation by esteefee
+ Scenes From An Unseen Life by Delilah
+ Wear A Rainbow by busaikko
+ dekuji vam by thisissirius
+ Read My Lips by nagi_schwarz, suggested by brumeier

Huddling For Warmth
+ In From The Cold by zinnith
+ Unanticipated Outcomes by thegrrrl2002
+ Situationally Speaking by seperis
+ Genius by Sandy
+ Cold by cathalin

In Vino Veritas (Confessions/sex while under the influence)
+ Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by amireal
+ Under The Influence by rustler
+ A Rational Universe by xparrot
+ Tease by wolfshark
+ Sex With Your Drugged Team Leader: Is It Really Such A Bad Idea? By imperfectcircle
+ Bang A Bong by mrs hamill
+ Synchronicity by amireal & seperis
+ Magical Mystery Ointment by unamaga & Kashmir
+ We Made Aliens Do It by _inbetween_
+ Leavenworth by amireal
+ Pick-Up Lines by brumeier

Kink (way too broad a category to rec just 5-10 fics)
+ My kink tag
+ Kink tag @ Crossroads
+ sga_kinkmeme @ pinboard

Mind Control/Brainwashing
+ Dearest series by lavvyan
+ DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam by trinityofone
+ Betrayal by diamond_raven
+ Payback Is An Unpredictable Bitch by Lenore
+ You Like Me by kimberlyfdr

+ Critical Error by tarlan
+ Place Your Hand by chelle
+ Lay Me Down So by lovesrain44
+ The Price That Life Exacts by cathalin

Pregnancy (mpreg)
+ The Providence of the Stars by melagan
+ Miracles by elayna
+ Surrogate by seekergeek
+ In The Family Way by rusty_armor
+ Bric-a-brac ‘verse by Lenore
+ Maybe Baby by omg_wtf_yeah
+ Babies! By rageprufrock
+ Expecting by velocitygrass
+ The Innocent’s Dark Seduction by goddess47

Presumed Dead
+ Residual Heat + Heat Source by bluenight361
+ The Ratio of Burning by stillane
+ Impossibilium by canadian_snoopy
+ Rounded With Sleep by chandri
+ Until It’s All You’re Holding On To by skitz_phenom
+ Ishmael by lavvyan
+ Promises Kept by mistokitt
+ Dream A Little Dream of You by mrshamill
+ Monster by brumeier, suggested by brumeier
+ Amongst The Stars by brumeier, suggested by brumeier

+ Under His Nose by penumbria
+ Anomaly by jilly james
+ Filling In All The Empty Places by melagan
+ Cut My Feelings To The Bone by gottalovev
+ Soul-Name by ami-ven
+ Bashert by aadarshinah
+ The One Where The Ancients Do Something Right After All by respoftw
+ Look Back in Wonder by paleom
+ Your Words On My Skin by atlanteanwhovian
+ Sweet Like Chocolate by melime
+ Hand To Heart by melagan
+ Exhale and Inhale by pickingupellen
+ Orange Fleece by darkmoore
+ Marks by nagi_schwarz, suggested by brumeier

+ Lost In Waiting by Lacey McBain
+ Amends by sharkie335
+ Virgin by tarlan
+ Pure Bodies and Clean Hearts by speranza
+ The Chair by xanthe
+ Like A Virgin by sandy

General tags
+ AU
+ Angst
+ Crack
+ Episode tag
+ Hurt/Comfort

Tags: fic rec, sga

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  • Fic Rec: Back To You

    Back to You (41458 words) by DraconisWing24441 Chapters: 11/11 Fandom: Stargate Atlantis Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply…

  • Fic Rec: The Long Dark

    The Long Dark (1937 words) by LogicGunn Chapters: 1/12 Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, The Long Dark (Video Game) Rating: Mature Warnings:…

  • Stargate Atlantis 15 Year Anniversary

    15 years ago, Stargate Atlantis premiered. I’ve written an essay. I made a trope list. I run the mcshep-everyday​ blog. I own the…