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me @ my body: why dis

I have the flu again. Second time in as many months :( I'm at least past the "rush to the bathroom" part, but I have this terrible headache that won't away. I have work tomorrow, but I plan to get up early and see how I feel - that way I'll call in with a couple hours to spare for them to find someone cover. If I feel up to it, I'll go in, though I'd love to have the day off.

In much better news, thanks to the amazing squidgiepdx's generosity, I'm going to Squee Weekend again this year! I'm so excited, and I wish it were October already (though I do need the intervening months to save up, so I guess I shouldn't rush things). I'm flying out on the 6th and leaving for home the 11th :D Plenty of time to kick back and hang with the best people I know.

I was supposed to be working on my dragon AU, but I ended up starting this Vampire/bar AU. I was hit with the urge to write a vampire fic (I blame this series), but I wanted to do something original with it, and I remembered this tumblr post about combining tropes instead of doing the same ol' thing. So Vampire!John runs a bar that is "neutral ground" for the Inhuman - nobody is allowed to attack any other being while there, whether they're your mortal enemy or not. Rodney stumbles upon it one night, and then there's some vampire politics, possibly a kidnapping, and definitely some romance. I want to try doing some world building with this one. We'll see.

My list of tv shows to watch is really getting out of hand, I need to get in the habit of watching 1 episode per day or something, just so I make some progress. I seem to have an easier time with the half hour shows, so I'm currently making excellent progress through Bob's Burgers. I'm still reading fic despite promising more than one friend I'd read the Captive Prince trilogy, which has been highly recommended by 3 people whose taste I trust. Not to mention all the free original fiction I recently discovered... Damn you fic, always holding my attention hostage!

Other than that, it's just work. Never enough help, always stressful.
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