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Gifs galore!

I've been rewatching SGA with a friend and making gifs of "little moments" as we go along. I thought I'd crosspost here before I fall too far behind ;) Some of the gifs are waiting in the McShep_Everyday queue, so it'll be a bit before they show up on tumblr.


Rodney: Is he flirting with me?
(I just couldn't resist)

Hide and Seek

*makes a bad joke*

Hide and Seek II

As a McShepper, I was most interested in John's reaction. John rushes down to Rodney, and it cuts to Elizabeth, Teyla, and Ford's worried faces before cutting back to John. Unfortunately, when they cut back to John the camera is closer. I tried to use this fade effect to bridge the two scenes and... it didn't work. Instead it just looks like a blurry jump. But at least we get John rushing to Rodney's side.

38 Minutes

"We've got a pulse ... he's gonna be ok."


It's subtle, but John is staring at Rodney's face. You can see his eyes move.

Suspicion II
I have no excuse for this.
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