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Personal Updates

Back when the landlord wanted to kick our roommate out, we convinced them we should take over their payments. We knew even then it'd be temporary, that as soon as we got our taxes back we'd be moving somewhere else. So...that's what we did. We didn't expect so much drama to go with it, though!

We were never given a lease despite repeated requests, and nor did we ever receive any rent receipts. When my brother went to get his taxes done, the tax guy - who is an old friend of my brother's - looked up the house, and according to him the house is owned by the bank. He recommended we not pay rent for February to someone who doesn't even own the home, which only makes sense. We also looked, as did the office of the place we're moving, and we both found the same thing. The landlord's son came by to collect our rent money. He was  calm at first and moved on to seriously angry when we told him we know the house is owned by the bank. A week or two later, the landlord sent her boyfriend over, who threatened to kick my dad's ass, change our locks, and throw out our stuff. So we called the cops. The boyfriend claimed he was going to check his phone but instead took off.

Part of the money we put down on our new place was for renovations. We were told they'd be done the first of March, but two snowstorms pushed that back to the third. We told the cops that we'd be out by the third, so we pack up our stuff and are ready to move...and we're told the renovations aren't done. Not much is left, but little things. So it's agreed that we'd move our stuff in, we'd have time to unpack so our boxes aren't in the way, and the maintenance people would by by on Monday (today) to finish stuff up. They never came, of course, because one guy called out with an ear ache and another went to the ER. Cable/internet isn't being turned on until Wednesday (we were told Tuesday first), of course. I'm using my phone as a mobile hotspot.

To make matters worse, Saturday I come down with the flu. I'm still feeling it even now, but I'm much better. Part of the renovations that need to be done are faucets in our bathrooms, so no showers for me - I had to call and ask a friend if I could use theirs. While there, I started feeling sick, so I hurried out of the shower, slipped, and hit my face really hard on their toilet. Hello swollen, cut lip!

Finally, while signing our leas/title, we were told we need to pay the sales tax on our purchase. Coupled with the month's rent, that's $1700 unexpected dollars we now have to come up with. Not to mention the utility bill due at the end of the month. I think we can scrape together the $1700 (barely) but the utilities....*sighs*

It's been a hell of a week. I'm going to go wrap myself up, burrito-style, and pray for the sweet release of a coma. Or something.
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