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Author Appreciation Masterpost

I can't thank you guys enough for making this such a success. I hope everyone had a good time and discovered new fics to read - or beloved old ones to re-read!

Sunday, 05/10: melagan [neevebrody]
Monday, 05/11: innogen [sardonicsmiley]
Tuesday, 05/12: popkin16 [brumeier], mific [seperis LJ / DW], brumeier [popkin16]
Wednesday, 05/13: popkin16 [lamardeuse], patk [sgamadison]
Thursday, 05/14: brumeier [taste_is_sweet],
Friday, 05/15: mischief5 [esteefee], goddess47 [velocitygrass]
Saturday, 05/16: mischief5 [runpunkrun], melagan [laceymcbain]

Sunday, 05/10: clotpoleofthelord [speranza]
Monday, 05/11: clotpoleofthelord [esteefee]
Tuesday, 05/12: popkin16 [brumeier], brumeier [popkin16]
Wednesday, 05/13: popkin16 [lamardeuse]
Thursday, 05/14: thesmilingfish [bluespirit], xcziel [kass], brumeier [taste_is_sweet], huey36 [karenmcfadyyon]
Friday, 05/15: librarychick94 [sheafrotherdon]

Deep Cuts @ Tumblr
Two authors decided to do a rec a day, written by authors who are not well known, or rec fics who haven't gotten much notice.
Day 1: mizufae
Day 2: mizufae
Day 3: mizufae
Day 4: mizufae
Day 5: mizufae / baudown
Day 6: mizufae / baudown
Day 7: mizufae / baudown
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