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Author Appreciation: Lamardeuse

Next up: lamardeuse! I associate humor and good times with her fic, though she's perfectly capable of angst. I really love how she writes John and Rodney. She gets the banter, the fun, the emotions. I don't often see her fic discussed or rec'd. When I started this challenge, I knew immediately that she'd be at least one of the authors I rec.

Two Men & A Baby series, 17.5k. (Co-authored with tex)
As thanks for fixing their shield, natives give Rodney a baby via Ancient tech. His clone, in fact. Rodney is flustered and unhappy, but John is immediately smitten. Rodney wants nothing to do with him, leaving John to care for clone-baby!Rodney, and John is desperate to convince Rodney to keep the baby. This series is so sweet, and John loves the kid *so much*, and you really feel for Rodney, especially once he reveals why he can barely bring himself to hold the child.

Casual Easy Thing, 3k.
A tag to McKay & Mrs Miller. Rod reveals he has a casual arrangement with 'his' Sheppard. John considers the possibilities with his own Rodney. This fic is hot and lightly explores Rodney as a character and John & Rodney's relationship, and I just love the ending.

Cultural Exchange, 10.8k.
Woolsey wants to designate some free time for "creative pursuits". Rodney is completely dismissive, until Woolsey orders him to participate, leading Rodney to get guitar lessons from John. They have such a great relationship here, very intense. I love that these private lessons add a whole new dimension to their relationship. They touch more, and become very aware of each other. John is patient and sweet; Rodney is uncertain and doesn't really understand what's going on between him and John, but it all ends happily, and there are so many great scenes between them.

Good Neighbor Policy, 6.8k.
John and Rodney help each other out with household duties, like building shelves and moving furniture. I just really love this fic, since it shows John and Rodney becoming the type of buddies who help with mundane things, something neither of them have ever had before. It's a sweet, cheerful read of two men whose relationship grows from friendship to something more.

Just Like Schroedinger's Cat, ~11k.
Oh my god, probably my favorite, most repeatedly read Lamardeuse fic. It's "everyone thinks they're dating" fic, and it's so funny (the line about Rodney's great-aunt never fails to make me laugh out loud) and sweet with a touch of angst. John's so patient with Rodney, waiting for him to be ready to be together. The sex is hot, too ;)

Running Mate, ~2k.
John and Rodney become running buddies! Except Rodney is hot all flushed and sweaty. Who can resist that? Not John.

These are all fics that I've read many times. When I need something that will make me happy, I head for these fics. I've rec'd them to friends repeatedly, lol. I feel liket he theme for my fic recs is "light and happy", but nobody minds, right?
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