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One Piece chapter 512

I want fanfiction.


I think I'm going to write a piece about everyone's reactions to the end of the chapter with maybe a special focus on Sanji.

Oda, you're killing your fans. YOU ARE A GOD.

I agree with kala_aira that Kuma is saving Zoro! Here's really the reason why:

Kuma: So you're still alive.
Zoro: Thanks to the mercy you showed.
Kuma: If you had to go on a trip, where would you most like to go?

'Thanks to the mercy you showed'? Kuma was merciful. That's...interesting. Why would he do that? Perhaps for the same reason he's taken Zoro away from the battlegrounds, where he might not survive?

Now that I've taken a moment to stop panicking about Zoro being alive or dead, I don't think he is - or will die. Oda rarely kills people, and chances are good he wouldn't kill the second most popular character in the series. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to Zoro disappearing. They freaked when Robin left, but now it's Zoro...who has always been there. It's different -- he's a main line of support. I especially want to know what Sanji will do.  How will they find him? Is there any way to find him, or will it be up to Zoro to return to the crew? When Zoro first disappeared, I had this thought that perhaps Mihawk has something to do with it. Like, he doesn't want his best chance of a decent fight disappearing or something. I dunno. I make no excuses for the way my brain works.

Sanji racing to the rescue made my heart pound. I don't think Zoro's going to be happy that he and Brooke were injured trying to save him. Oh, BROOOOKE! In pieces! I hope Chopper can help him with glue maybe? MONSTER CHOPPER SCARES ME. I so hope he doesn't hurt his nakama. He's such a sensitive kid, it'd really hurt him.
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