popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

I am having the worst weekend ever

I am fighting back tears.

It seems there was an Asshole Convention going on this weekend and every single attendee had to come into where I work and scream at me. I won't go into details, since that's boring, but not even the knowledge that I have the next three days off is calming me down.

Awhile back, my external harddrive stopped working. I closed my laptop and left it alone for a few hours, and when I went back it worked fine. Well last night it stopped working again. I was too tired and upset to worry about it.

After I got home from work today, I decided to tackle it. My computer was doing this thing where I would plug it in and my computer was only half recognizing it. It would show up in device manager, but under My Computer it would show up just as G drive, and I can't click on it without windows explorer crashing. So I start doing research, and I find a couple posts that sound just like my problem, but most of the explanations on how to fix it are beyond me.

I noticed the file system on it was changed to RAW (as opposted to NTSF), which I guess means that my data is pretty much lost? So I download a recovery program to try and save something from it, but at that point my computer has completely ceased recognizing the external hard drive is plugged in. It's not in device manager, it's not under disk management, it's like it's nowhere to be found. The G drive still shows up under My Computer even when my HD isn't plugged in, but at this point it seems like it's just frozen.

I could live with losing all the tv shows and movies. I wouldn't be happy, but I could live with it. I could even live with the many books I have downloaded throughout the years.

But what I'm crying over is the loss of all the fanfiction I've saved. Fics that have been deleted, are now locked and thus unaccessible. Entire series, gone. YEARS of saving, all gone. I have some saved to google documents, so at least some is salvable there and I won't have to start COMPLETELY over.

I'm thinking I'm going to get a DropboxPro account (or whatever it's called). You can get 1TB of space for $9.99 a month.

But first I have to start working on getting it all back.
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