popkin16 (popkin16) wrote,

Positivity meme!

brumeier challenged me to post 3 postive things for 5 days :D I think I could use some positivity while I'm still at home, waiting for the fun of Squee Weekend to begin.

  • I may not have to spend the 3 hours between classes sitting around at school. I could nap!

  • I learned today that I am going to get Person in Charge training, so if an emergency comes up at work, I will be capable of closing the store on my own. This may come with a mariad of problems, but it does speak to their trust in my abilities :D

  • I'm almost done with my Favorite Episodes of TOS/TNG rewatch, which means soon I will be starting my Farscape rewatch. Yesssss.

I'm coming down with a cold, sadly. My throat is bothering me, my nose is runny, and I'm sneezing a lot. I'm drinking a lot of water, however, and I hope that'll push it through fast. Honestly, I have the worst luck.

Gonna try and write tonight. We'll see how that goes - I always plan to write and then end up watching stuff and reading instead~
Tags: blah, meme
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