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College & The Dark Knight

 I took that meme that kakairupowns took, and I was completely disappointed sad about my results. >_>

Monday and Tuesday were my first two days of school. On Mondays and Wednesday's I have English 111 and Japanese 101 (and I get out at 4:20), and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Sociology 101 and History 101 (which ends at 5:20). But I love my college, and so far my classes (and teachers) seem awesome, so...yay! Let's hope it stays that way.

I went to see The Dark Knight almost immediately after I was released from school. It was so good. Heath Ledger did a wonderful job which I'm sure many of you have read before. The way he spoke and expressed himself, the little quirks he had, and the way he looked...all together it painted the picture of a psychopath. I've seen all the other Batman movies, or at least the more recent ones, and Heath Ledger really brought a unique personality to the role of The Joker. I remember how Jack Nicholson portrayed him, and it had none of the...ruthless, chaotic insanity that The Joker had in The Dark Knight. Nicholson played him enough to make it obvious the man was insane, but...he didn't have that edge the most recent incarnation of Batman's enemy. Do I make sense? Probably not, huh? Heh. Christian Bale was great too, though I have to agree with someone - I don't remember who - but his voice did sound a little weird. Christian Bale did Howl's voice in Howl's Moving Castle (English version), and I about died. SO. HOT. MMM.

I need to go though, I only have a little bit more time on the computer, since I've got to go to bed early.
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