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Random Updates

The SGA Big Bang website is down. I've spent a sad amount of time panicking over this and checking the SGA Big Bang LJ, as well as the moderators LJ's for updates on this. I used the Way Back Machine to bring up Calling Down The Lightning, but I had wanted to do an epic re-read of all the McKay/Sheppard on that site. ETA: Upon checking, it seems that all sites hosted on talkoncorners.net is down. Boooo.

My dad has been to the ER twice in the past week. Friday night he got pale, sweaty, dizzy, and his lips began to turn blue. We called an ambulance, and the doctor's at the hospital claimed it was just an anxiety attack and sent him home (despite his blood pressure being 143/106). He went back in on Monday night, where they said he was having a COPD flare up and suffering from bronchitis, with a nice helping of "not taking his daily medication like he should" on top. After that, he went to his doctor's appointment yesterday, where the doctor agreed with the hospital's diagnosis (though she was furious that they did nothing about his high blood pressure), and prescribed 10 medications for him to take (high blood pressure, depression medication, sleep medication, an inhaler, etc.) He's doing better now, thankfully - today he was awake for longer than he has in quite awhile and he's been laughing more.

I'm back to working at the other, very busy Subway. At least this time my co-workers are being more friendly, though I still hate working there. School has started back up as well, which means I have to balance the two and carefully plan a day for homework.

I recently bought this science fiction series that I loved as a kid - My Teacher is An Alien series by Bruce Coville. I'm very excited to begin reading it! I also bought Fangirl by Rainbow Roswell and This Is How You Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of Death. I've started Fangirl first and I'm enjoying it :)

velocitygrass wrote a very very hot fic for me called Ampallang - everyone go read! It's amazing.
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