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To all my writer friends! Amazing new program!

I am super excited about this program, I have to say. So I want to share it with everyone!

It’s a full-screen writing program, so you open it up, and it looks like this:

It's also customizable!

Click appearance:

You can also use custom fonts that you have installed!

See that “music”? Click it.

If you drag your own music into the folder, like so:

You get this!:

See “typing sounds”? You can change those too!

You can use any picture for the background, and it'll automatically fade it for you!

It auto-saves. It exports to .rtf. Hotkeys from Word for italicize, underlining, and bold work. You can print RIGHT FROM THERE.

It's so amazing, you can use it for anything that requires typing. Also?

IT'S FREE. The program is small enough that it'll fit on a flash drive.

(All information and screencaps taken from here.)
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