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Due South Recs

thebiggest_lie asked for some Due South fic recs :D I haven't explored the fandom to its fullest so this is by no means a comprehensive view of the best the fandom has to offer, just fics that I've read and enjoyed :)

1. It's Like This Old Inuvit Story I Knew by pru [4163 words]
Thursday morning, Ray woke up with a Mountie sitting at the foot of his bed. Mentions of 3.21 "Good For The Soul".

2. Kowalski is Bleeding by cesperanza [37,908 words]
Was it okay to fall crazy stupid in love with the ex-wife of the murdered guy who was your best friend's partner and lover? I didn't think there was any sort of greeting card out there for this one. I don't remember there being any specific episode spoilers, but you do need to know about Ray Vecchio being undercover with the mob.

3. Eight Sessions by cesperanza [39,091 words]
After a shoot-out in which Ray shoots and kills four men, he is forced to complete the standard eight sessions of therapy. Fraser agrees to go to his own sessions as solidarity.

4. Real Boys by Saleri [22,053 words]
He came to the city on the trail of the killers of his father, and for reasons that will be elucidated, he didn't remain. Also, that there's a dog, okay? A futuristic dystopia type fic. There's also a 39,000 word sequel.

5. Learn To Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps by etcetera_cat [6,788 words]
Dief plays matchmaker. I have a huge thing for outside perspectives on my ship. And I just really, really love Ray's turtle, okay?

6. Sweet Confessions Underneath His Tongue by thehoyden [17,693 words]
It was like a car wreck, really. You just couldn't look away. And Fraser looked up at Ray, with his expression like the cold fury of God. A reinterpretation

7. Blind Justice by crysothemis [26,153 words]
Cockroaches, hospitals, and . . . borrowed sweatpants? It all adds up to justice in the end. Fraser is blinded when he accidentally sleeps in the Consulate while it's being fumigated.

8. Gun, With Occasional Kangaroo: A Love Story by runpunkrun [12,690 words]
Frannie's got a romance novel with a big strapping Mountie on the cover, shirt hanging open, hair blowing in the wind, you know the kind.

9. Head Trip by lamardeuse [7,633 words]
Ray dreams.

10. The Sweet Hereafter by china_shop [43,486 words]
Aside from the lack of communication, now that I've had a chance to experience death I find it not so very different from living in Canada. In which Fraser trades places with his father. (In Due South, Fraser is often haunted by his father, who shows up to offer mostly unwanted advice. Also this author is pretty popular in the fandom - she's rec'd pretty often. Haven't read much of her stuff, however.)

11. A Fine Romance by chickwriter & Sihaya Black [15,349 words]
Ray thinks he's lost Fraser to another, but has he?

12. Where The Story Changes by seperis [25,854 words]
It's why he could sit in the middle of a camp of Mounties, eating a bowl of God-is-this-polar-bear-stew and say, hey, buddy, got an idea. Let's go get that Hand of Franklin. I cannot think of anything more unlikely, so I'm pretty sure we'll find it.

13. Unlikey Odds by crysothemis [28,222 words]
Jealousy and realizations take place during A Likely Story and Odds. (Obviously an episode tag)

14. Double Vision by crysothemis [25,654 words]
Kowalski finds a picture of a beautiful woman in Vecchio's desk, and she looks strangely familiar. Remember me linking you to a picture of Fraser in drag? XD This story takes place sometime after "Asylum" but before "Mountie on the Bounty."

Okay, I want to post a cautionary warning for the next two. I read these when I was exhausted, and I liked the first fic, but it was the second one I feel for - where Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski become friends. (I wish there were more RayV-RayK friendship fics!) So my memory of the quality is kind of...shaky. So you may love it or you may hate the style/writing quality/etc, I have no idea. These are on my "re-read someday" list.

15. Busted & Tapestry by anonymous_co [58,073 & 44,196 words respectively]
A year after CoTW, and a life-changing experience, Ray goes back to Canada. Ray is seriously injured on the job, and after recovering somewhat he checks himself out of the hospital AMA and immediately heads for Fraser. Domestic-y fic with hurt/comfort and some angst.

Ton O' Links rec post from ds_ficfinders
Due South fic rec pages

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