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29 March 2018 @ 03:07 am
I posted this on tumblr, but I thought my journal-based friends would find it amusing.

I was in the mess hall, sitting at a table with AR-1. Teyla asked Rodney to have a threesome with her and Kanaan so he could teach her how to get really good at blowjobs (how the hell does she even know Rodney is good at them?), though before Rodney can answer John drags him off - dream!me had the impression they were off to have sex because John isn’t sharing.

Ronon goes, “Were you serious?”

And Teyla looked at him calmly and went, “I wish to become proficient.” And Ronon just fuckin’ leaves, completely uncertain whether she was trolling them all or what.

Maybe she was trying to get John & Rodney to finally get together? Or was she serious? Even *I* don’t know.

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11 March 2018 @ 12:02 am
A friend of mine asked me to locate a fic for her and in the process of googling, I stumbled on some old sgastoryfinder searches for a fic called All Change. It wasn't up for long after completion, and the author was encouraging people to save a copy. And you know me: new (to me), long McShep fic? I NEED IT.

I finally got in contact with someone who linked me to a google doc folder of the fic - with every chapter in a separate .doc file. And they aren't numbered (except for the first three), so I had three goals:
1). Figure out what order it went in
2). Combine it all into one file.
3). Give it a summary.

And I have (after 3 days of non-stop work)! I even mocked up an ao3 format for the fic, lol.


All Change by ralphspudlanyon
191k words. John Sheppard/Rodney McKay || Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagen || Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman || Carson Beckett/Ronon Dex
Elizabeth resigns, opening the door for a change in leadership that bodes ill for Atlantis. Around the same time, AR-1 meets with an advanced, telepathic civilization that seems to charm any who come in contact with them. One man in particular takes an interest in Rodney, and John’s not at all certain of the intentions behind this civilization’s generosity.

If you want a copy, send me your email and I'll pass the file along.
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15 February 2018 @ 12:48 am
Happy birthday, trilingstar! I hope your day was a special, happy one :)

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15 February 2018 @ 12:47 am
I hope your birthday was an amazing one!
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07 February 2018 @ 07:09 pm
When you get this, please post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers:

I was tagged by [personal profile] shaddyr, who I think tagged everyone that *I* would have tagged too. So: if you want to do this, I choose you!

1. I don't like tea. I don't like it cold or warm, I don't even like those Brisk half & half where it's supposed to be half tea half lemonade or whatever. If it tastes like tea, I don't want it, lol.
2. I don't like coffee. Or, well, I do, but I have to put so much sugar and creamer in it you can barely taste the coffee lol.
3. I've been in fandom since 2001 (my old FF.Net account was set up that year), when I was 12 years old. I totally lied about my age to get into 18+ groups, though I think I didn't try to get into those until I was 16 or so. Until that point, I was content with whatever was on FF.Net.
4. I have to have something to drink when I eat. This is a really weird quirk of mine that I can't explain. I think maybe I just don't like my mouth feeling sticky after eating.
5. I grew up on horror movies. I remember watching Stephen King's IT when I was seven, lol. And now I deliberately listen to scary podcasts and read scary things late at night, when I'm the only one up.
6. I am a first generation sci-fi fan. Nobody else in my family likes sci-fi. None of the classics, the new stuff. I think the only exception might be the Aliens franchise, and only because it's scary.
7. Fandom has saved my life. I  say fandom in general terms, but I mean fic and the friends I made. I moved around A LOT growing up, and the one constant I had was fandom. I could always turn the computer on and read fic about my favs, or interact with other people who love what I do. In more recent years, you guys have helped me out financially, and I honestly have no idea where I'd be without your guy's generosity.
8. I have a stuffed animal from when I was two, and I am not ashamed to say I still sleep with it. She's been another constant in a life of change.
9. I'm making my first fanvid. I have mentioned this before, but I'm seriously running out of facts about myself. I'm boring, lol.
10. I'm currently watching a show, Critical Role, where a bunch of voice actors play D&D. It started as a private game before going online, so you're dropped in the middle, but the plot is easy to follow. The downside: the average length of episodes is like, 3 hours. But they play a diverse cast - there's two bisexual characters in the main cast, two lesbian secondary characters who make frequent appearances, and even an agender character. Also there's Viktor.
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02 February 2018 @ 05:55 am
I keep meaning to update and then forgetting.

- January is usually the quietest time of year at work, but a nearby K-Mart closed, so all those customers are heading our way. We got this new cleaning cart at work that sounds good in theory, but in practice it's awful. One of my co-workers is being really pushy about using it, which pisses me off. He actively avoids doing the work that the cart is needed for, and yet badgers us when we use the old cart. If you love the new cart so much, do the work the cart is used for YOURSELF.

- That said, I'm one of the lucky ones being bumped up to $11 an hour, though it makes me sad that a bunch of Sam's Clubs are closing. As soon as I heard we were getting a store-wide raise, I turned to a friend of mine and said, "This is going to bite us in the ass somehow." I feel awful for all those people losing their jobs.

- I'm working on a werewolf AU for romancing mcshep! I've had a long, productive conversation with [personal profile] sgamadison who helped me out a great deal with plot and worldbuilding. Now it's just the hard part: reminding myself that perfection is the enemy of done. I just got to get it down, I can edit it later. Who cares if I'm rambling now? JUST WRITE.

- Also on the fandom front, I am making my very first fanvid! A McShep one, of course. I heard James Bay's Need The Sun To Break, and for the first time ever kept picturing specific scenes for a bunch of the lyrics. There have been a lot of songs over the years that made me think of my boys, but I've never had that happen before. I thought about making a gifset but realized I'd have to make a gif for each line, and a fanvid would make more sense. It's so hard. Luckily I have a friend who makes fanvids - some of which you may remember - and she's given me great advice. Some people do a great job of making scenes match the beat, but I think for my first fanvid I'm going to worry about just matching scenes to the words, lol. I'm super proud and pleased with what little I have done of my fanvid, even if part of me is like, "This is such a hot mess."

But I get to stare at John and Rodney and pick clips where they're super in love, so it's worth it.

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12 January 2018 @ 08:00 am
I just now remembered I should have put up the new episode for the SGA Rewatch *facepalm*

I've decided I don't like having a schedule that bounces all over the place. I forget fewer things when I work the same days every week and can set up a routine.

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08 January 2018 @ 08:55 pm
If dreamwidth isn't your cup of tea, it's also being held on livejournal! We'd love it if you participated and made this fest truly great :) 

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04 January 2018 @ 05:07 am
Who Wakes As The World Sleeps (31707 words) by nagi_schwarz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Westworld (TV), Stargate Universe
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Angela (Westworld), Teddy Flood, Clementine Pennyfeather, Maeve Millay, Matthew Scott, Tamara "TJ" Johansen, Vanessa James, Ronald Greer, Duo Maxwell, Chang Wufei, Original Female Character(s), Maeve Millay's Daughter, Charlotte Hale, Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Stealth Crossover
Series: Part 78 of Comment Fic 2017

After Atlantis lands in the Bay, John and Rodney are sent away from the city while the IOA dithers about what to do with it. They're given a mission to beta-test a new training environment for SGC recruits. They get to spend a couple of days' leave, then undergo the training mission, at some sort of virtual reality theme park run by a corporation called Delos. Rodney probably should have read the briefing memo more closely.


You don't have to watch Westworld to read this. John & Rodney are so great in it - there's skinny dipping and water wrestling ;) There are some intense, violent scenes, but no rape and all "our" guys get out alive. But it's so good, and judging by the comments/kudos, under appreciated.
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29 December 2017 @ 08:08 pm
I know it's late, but I do hope everyone had a really good holiday - and happy new year!

I've been struggling a lot lately. I think I've reach a point of over-saturation. Political news is pretty much always negative these days and to say it's bringing me down is putting it lightly. I have no motivation to do anything these days except read and watch things - passive activities, basically. My work schedule has changed and it's really throwing me off, too. I'm working 6 days in a row right now (today was day 4), though half of them were short 4.5 hour shifts. But the half shifts were at weird times, so now my inner clock is confused, lol.

Things haven't been all bad. I'd like to thank [personal profile] otherearths_outthere, [personal profile] mific, [personal profile] librarychick_94, [personal profile] brumeier , and anyone else who donated some money so my dog can get her annual checkup (and thus renew her food prescription). I can't say my dog was as happy about it as I was (she's been avoiding everyone all day, poor dog. We've grievously betrayed her by taking her to That Place). I had enough left over to buy her a bag of dog food too, which was a weight off my mind.

I also want to thank everyone who sent a Christmas card. It really cheered me up to come home from a crappy day at work to open them up and admire how pretty they are :)

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