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21 May 2015 @ 04:15 am
This year, I set myself the goal of actually posting fic. So far it's gone well, but I want to keep it up, or at least keep the writing going. Unfortunately, I have so many WIPs and fic ideas that choosing something to settle on is proving difficult. I keep changing my mind, or spending all my writing time trying to pick something. Unfortunately, I'm never leaning toward anything in particular. I want to write and post all my ideas, haha.

I ended up pulling up the Dragon AU at random, and surprisingly I still really like it? Though I'm aware I'm doing a lot of telling and not showing. It's really rare for me to actually like something I've written though, so I'm having a hard time scrapping it all and starting over. So even though I've somwhat chosen something, I'm still not making progress.

Ughhh. I'll have to set aside some time tomorrow and really think about this.
17 May 2015 @ 07:25 pm
I can't thank you guys enough for making this such a success. I hope everyone had a good time and discovered new fics to read - or beloved old ones to re-read!

Sunday, 05/10: melagan [neevebrody]
Monday, 05/11: innogen [sardonicsmiley]
Tuesday, 05/12: popkin16 [brumeier], mific [seperis LJ / DW], brumeier [popkin16]
Wednesday, 05/13: popkin16 [lamardeuse], patk [sgamadison]
Thursday, 05/14: brumeier [taste_is_sweet],
Friday, 05/15: mischief5 [esteefee], goddess47 [velocitygrass]
Saturday, 05/16: mischief5 [runpunkrun], melagan [laceymcbain]

Sunday, 05/10: clotpoleofthelord [speranza]
Monday, 05/11: clotpoleofthelord [esteefee]
Tuesday, 05/12: popkin16 [brumeier], brumeier [popkin16]
Wednesday, 05/13: popkin16 [lamardeuse]
Thursday, 05/14: thesmilingfish [bluespirit], xcziel [kass], brumeier [taste_is_sweet], huey36 [karenmcfadyyon]
Friday, 05/15: librarychick94 [sheafrotherdon]

Deep Cuts @ Tumblr
Two authors decided to do a rec a day, written by authors who are not well known, or rec fics who haven't gotten much notice.
Day 1: mizufae
Day 2: mizufae
Day 3: mizufae
Day 4: mizufae
Day 5: mizufae / baudown
Day 6: mizufae / baudown
Day 7: mizufae / baudown
13 May 2015 @ 06:00 pm
Next up: lamardeuse! I associate humor and good times with her fic, though she's perfectly capable of angst. I really love how she writes John and Rodney. She gets the banter, the fun, the emotions. I don't often see her fic discussed or rec'd. When I started this challenge, I knew immediately that she'd be at least one of the authors I rec.

Two Men & A Baby series, 17.5k. (Co-authored with tex)
As thanks for fixing their shield, natives give Rodney a baby via Ancient tech. His clone, in fact. Rodney is flustered and unhappy, but John is immediately smitten. Rodney wants nothing to do with him, leaving John to care for clone-baby!Rodney, and John is desperate to convince Rodney to keep the baby. This series is so sweet, and John loves the kid *so much*, and you really feel for Rodney, especially once he reveals why he can barely bring himself to hold the child.

Casual Easy Thing, 3k.
A tag to McKay & Mrs Miller. Rod reveals he has a casual arrangement with 'his' Sheppard. John considers the possibilities with his own Rodney. This fic is hot and lightly explores Rodney as a character and John & Rodney's relationship, and I just love the ending.

Cultural Exchange, 10.8k.
Woolsey wants to designate some free time for "creative pursuits". Rodney is completely dismissive, until Woolsey orders him to participate, leading Rodney to get guitar lessons from John. They have such a great relationship here, very intense. I love that these private lessons add a whole new dimension to their relationship. They touch more, and become very aware of each other. John is patient and sweet; Rodney is uncertain and doesn't really understand what's going on between him and John, but it all ends happily, and there are so many great scenes between them.

Good Neighbor Policy, 6.8k.
John and Rodney help each other out with household duties, like building shelves and moving furniture. I just really love this fic, since it shows John and Rodney becoming the type of buddies who help with mundane things, something neither of them have ever had before. It's a sweet, cheerful read of two men whose relationship grows from friendship to something more.

Just Like Schroedinger's Cat, ~11k.
Oh my god, probably my favorite, most repeatedly read Lamardeuse fic. It's "everyone thinks they're dating" fic, and it's so funny (the line about Rodney's great-aunt never fails to make me laugh out loud) and sweet with a touch of angst. John's so patient with Rodney, waiting for him to be ready to be together. The sex is hot, too ;)

Running Mate, ~2k.
John and Rodney become running buddies! Except Rodney is hot all flushed and sweaty. Who can resist that? Not John.

These are all fics that I've read many times. When I need something that will make me happy, I head for these fics. I've rec'd them to friends repeatedly, lol. I feel liket he theme for my fic recs is "light and happy", but nobody minds, right?
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12 May 2015 @ 06:00 pm
brumeier's fics are always so engaging. After first discovering her work, It didn't take long before she became one of my favorite authors. They're well written, feel good fics that always leave me satisfied.

Brumeier on AO3

Embrace the Storm, 23593 words.
A fusion with the movie Twister. I grew up wtaching that movie; I've seen it countless times, and I'm not sure what it is, but I've always loved it. This is a fantastic take on the movie, where the events proceed as they do in the movie, but with McShep twists. The death of Rodney's family due to a tornado send him on the path of studying weather. John, fresh from the Air Force, falls in with Rodney and his storm chasing team, until John abruptly leaves. I ache for Rodney and sympathize with John. Reading as they go from a contentious reunion to a happy ending is so fun and satisfying.

Crossroads, 17546 words. Part 1 of the Pleasure Dome Series.
An AU where Rodney works in the Pleasure Dome, where all are welcome, can have any desire catered long as they have the money. Rodney's work there was meant to be a temporary stop, but years pass and he doesn't move on. Enter John Sheppard, top-level member of the SGC, with his blue skin and yellow eyes. Rodney is absolutely fascinated by him and gets caught up in John's mission. I love the worldbuilding here, and I love Rodney's immediate interest in John. I love every fic in this series.

Save Me, 62141 words.
Rodney inherits a large home from a distant relative. John is the sexy but touch phobic caretaker, and together they deal with the haunted study and the terrifying intruder threatening their lives. I love Rodney's relationship with Laura Cadman in this - she's his assistant and his friend, and he depends on her. I really love his relationship with John. They're friendly, but John and his past is a bit of a mystery. They come to care for one another, worry about each other, and it's sweet. As always, Brumeier's fics are easy to read and super engaging. The perfect fic to settle in for a nice, long read.

Unexpected Discoveries, 15,444 words. Followed by Unexpected Discoveries: Loch Ness.
Ghost & monster hunting! Inspired by the tv show Destination Truth, this is not a Supernatural AU (though Supernatural *is* mentioned in a hilarious way). John joins the cast of a reality tv show as the camera guy, with Rodney as the grumpy tech. I love that everybody brings up Rodney before John has a chance to meet him. Also, the fans absolutely adore John and Rodney interacting, which it just a perfect detail. John and Rodney are hilarious and have great banter.

Pick-Up Lines, 524 words.
You know that sweet video where the man wakes up from surgery, drugged to the gills, and calls his wife (whom he doesn't recognize) "the most beautiful woman in the world"? Yeah.

Two Men Walk into A Bank, 6687 words.
Rodney walks into a robbery and is knocked out of harms way by John. That's really where their trouble begins, however; these people seem to know his and John's name, and they seem to be looking for something very specific. One of my favorite things about McShep is how quickly John and Rodney seem to fall together, whether it be friendship or more, and this fic is great for that. They worry about each other, despite having met just minutes before. The story behind the bad guys is interesting, since this is no ordinary robbery. The ending leaves me feeling happy and satisfied; I could read tons more fic set in this particular 'verse.

Close Encounters, 5753 words.
John is kidnapped by aliens! Kind of :)
John is no longer a member of the military, but he's still what the SGC needs. It's funny and a great quick read!

I've re-read all her fics more than once, and making this rec list had me reading them all again. They're a guaranteed good time, so go, enjoy!

I just realized almost all my recs are AU's. Oops?
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09 May 2015 @ 04:36 am
Anchor Me, ~2k.
All practitioners of magic need a proper Anchor. Rodney's just met his.

Written for tarlanx's fandom stocking.
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08 May 2015 @ 03:01 am
I was thinking we'd do this as a rec list, except instead of choosing from a wide variety of authors, you choose one (or more, if you like) author, make a list of their fics that are favorites, and post. There can be as many or as little rec'd fics, though I think you should do at least three. On tumblr, this is being hosted by McShep-Everyday, so we're dong McShep only fics there. I'm willing to be more flexible here :)

Once all days are taken, then we can start doubling up on days, unless people can absolutely only post certain days. I've already put the days in that I signed up for over on tumblr; I can just crosspost, that way. Comment and let me know which day you want and which author you're rec'ing!

Sunday, 05/10: melagan [neevebrody]
Monday, 05/11: innogen [sardonicsmiley]
Tuesday, 05/12: popkin16 [brumeier], mific [seperis], brumeier [popkin16]
Wednesday, 05/13: popkin16 [lamardeuse], patk [sgamadison]
Thursday, 05/14: brumeier [taste_is_sweet], outsideth3box [melagan]
Friday, 05/15: mischief5 [esteefee], goddess47 [velocitygrass]
Saturday, 05/16: mischief5 [runpunkrun], melagan [laceymcbain]

Wow, the days filled up much faster here than it did on tumblr. I should have known how dedicated and lovely the people on LJ are :) There's still time to sign up, if anyone see's this.

Thanks guys ♥
06 May 2015 @ 01:21 am
I am hosting an author appreciation week over on tumblr. I was thinking we could also host one over here? Only if there's interest, of course. Basically you select an author whose work you enjoy and make a rec list of their fics that are your favorite. If there's interest here, I'll make another post where you can claim dates and let me know which author you're choosing.

You can, of course, crosspost your rec list over to tumblr, and I'll reblog it to my McShep tumblr :P

Let me know if you're interested in participating!
26 April 2015 @ 04:07 am
I know many of you aren't on tumblr, so I wanted to direct your attention to this post, which is just beautiful. I love the scenes chosen, the looks on both of their faces. And ughhhh, that quote, I just can't handle it. So many years after discovering this show, and I am still emotionally invested in these two. I often feel overwhelmed with how intense they make me feel.

Real life is crazy right now. One of the managers is out on maternity leave, and because I have person in charge training they've scheduled me to take over her shifts. I work 2pm-10:30pm Friday-Sunday, and will until the manager comes back. I don't even get manager's pay for it, either. I do like that I don't have to work 10 hour shifts, and when things settle I'll be sad I'll have to start going in at 10am again.  On top of that, this semester of school is ending, so it's the typical semester-end flurry of papers, finals to study for, projects to turn in, etc. I'm constantly tired and mainlining caffeine. I've gotten no writing done in ages, despite wishing otherwise.
19 April 2015 @ 11:55 pm
47 years old and still damn attractive. To celebrate, I made some gifs from his various youtube videos.

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02 April 2015 @ 02:53 am
Happy birthday wishes to melagan! I wish I had something to give you, but I'm still not getting notices from LJ, so I had no idea your birthday was approaching. Perhaps I'll post a brand new snippet of my dragon AU in celebration of your day of birth. Or maybe write a Sensual Magic snippet, or something.

You've made my fandom experience so much better. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, it's very much deserved!